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His Great Appreciation for Small Acts of Love

One year near Christmas and New Year's Day, I observed everyone exchanging cards and gifts, so I thought I would make one card for Guru Maharaj and decorate it with birds. He opened the card, and I had written something inside.

In shyness, I told him, "You don't have to read what I have written."

I felt happy that he spent time looking at the birds that I drew, and he was touching them with his sweet hand and then kept that card on his table. After three or four months, I got an opportunity to serve him inside his room, and to my great surprise, I saw that this card was still there!

This reminded me of how I had once heard a devotee describing one incident in which a mataji had been standing quietly next to Gurudeva while clenching onto a one rupee coin. There were many wealthy devotees around also, but they were offering big stacks of rupee notes and opulent gifts.

She felt shy to offer such a small thing to Gurudeva, but He saw inside her heart and extended his…

Too Absorbed in Devotional Service To Hear Insults

Once some persons spoke ill about Guru Mahārāj, and that time Param Gurujī was sitting in his room and he could hear the ill words some persons were addressing to Gurudev.

Param Gurudev saw from a distance that our Gurudev was standing there. He thought, why are they speaking ill about him? He called Gurudev's name, but Gurudev was doing some service and he didn't hear him.

Then Param Gurudev sent one brahmachārī to get Gurudev.

He asked, "Why are those persons shouting at you?"

Gurudev said, "Who is shouting at me?"

Param Gurudev said, "Those persons who were fetching water, were they not shouting at you?"

Gurudev said, "I did not hear."

Param Gurudev said, "They were shouting so loudly, I could hear from my room, and you did not hear?”

Param Gurudev said, "He is so absorbed that they were shouting at him and he did not even hear. I am not worried about Kṛṣṇa Ballabh Brahmachāri, I am only worried about the other p…

He Who Has Conquered Sleep

Kartik vrata was going on in Chandigarh. Guruji was the first person to arrive in the sabha (religious assembly) at 3:30 am and start the Jayadhwani and Manglacharan (invocation prayers) as well as being the last to leave at night at 11: 30 pm after the last sabha. There were no signs of tiredness seen on his face. It was amazing. No signs of drowsiness or yawning. He always appeared fresh.
2-3 brahmacharis were given the duty of guarding at night. One night, out of curiosity, I wanted to peep in Guruji's room to see what he does in privacy. I was strolling outside his room and tried to check if any of his windows were open. 

One of the windows was open and from the gap between the two curtains, I saw that only a dim light was on in his room and Gurudev was sitting in the mosquito net. He had a letter in his one hand, which he was reading with the help of torchlight in his other hand. And then he started writing in that light. 

Once I saw him doing Harinam in his room at night becau…

Scorching Heat Is No Match for His Lotus Feet

After our Gurumaharaj disappeared, Srila Tirtha Maharaj served the maths untiringly and did not let the mission deviate an iota from pure devotional principles. 
We had seen Maharaj doing kirtan at a stretch for 2 to 3 hours while performing Nagar sankirtana. Whenever we traveled even for a short distance, we needed a car – but Tirtha Maharaj would go barefoot. 
On the way to Nrisimhapalli, just after the area inhabited by the Muslims, there lies a banyan tree where it is nearly impossible to place one's foot on the street due to the burning heat. Others got blisters under their feet, but Maharaj came there barefoot. 
We started wondering where his kharams (wooden slippers) were. I asked Maharaj to wear his pair of kharam, for which he replied, “No."  One would want to go by car in that scorching heat, but Srila Tirtha Maharaj arrived there barefoot.
In such a state, he was performing such an amazing kirtan at a stretch right from the beginning until the end of the parikrama. Wh…

Visiting Sadhus Foresee His Glorious Future

A sadhu came to our house when Maharaj was very young and told, "This boy will not enter family life. If you wish to contain him in the household you have to get him married as soon as he finishes his education and gets employment, otherwise, he will leave the house."

The sadhu also said that if he does indeed leave the house, the entire earth planet will be benefitted.
-Arindam Guharoy - Son of Gurudeva's younger brother, became a disciple in 2007.

One time a sannyasi came to our house when Guru Maharaj was a child. He told my father-in-law that the child would not get married or remain with the family and that he would become very famous in this world. He clearly said that it would be impossible to contain Maharaj within family life.
-Arati Guharoy - Gurudeva's younger brother's wife