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Sankirtan Begins After He Drives Away The Rainclouds

In 1993, we gathered in a religious assembly that included a program of early morning Nagar Sankirtan.  The time was fixed at 5:30 am.  Slowly devotees started gathering.  It was around 6:30 am and Srila Guru Maharaj had not come out of his room yet.  Madanlal, the chief of Sri Sanatan Dharma Mandir, (New Model House, Ludhiana) told me, “Kochar Sir, you go and inform Maharaj that it is already late.  If it gets delayed further, walking in the Sun will be difficult.”  I told him that I cannot give instructions to Guruji, He is all knowing.  Whatever happens by His will will be all-good.

Around 6.45 am, Guruji came out of his room and came to the assembly hall of the temple. Jai-dwani and Vandana began.  The sun was shining then. After that, Srila Guru Maharaj started sankirtan in an intense mood.  When we all came out from the hall, we found that there had been a slight drizzle and the road became wet. But Suryadev (Sun god) was peeping through the clouds and witnessing early morning …

He Asks Forgiveness on Our Behalf

I experienced the glories of Harinam in Punjab where I stayed in a dharamshala (lodge) with Guru Maharaj, Sri Trivikram Maharaj, and Sri Krishnadas Babaji Maharaj.
In that lodge, Gurudev and all Vaishnavas used to get up early morning at about 4 AM, but we were young boys like to sleep late. At that time, Gurudev started singing kirtans Shadgoswami Ashtakam and verses from Gita. It used to be so nice and so loud, we can hear him from a long distance. There was silence and all are hearing Gurudev’s stava. It was nice, so pleasing and soothing to the heart to listen to the clear sound of Gurudev giving "jais", such long Jais to Thakurji’s of so many various maths like Krishnanagar, Kolkata, Assam, etc. 
We asked Guruji why he gave "jais" to all Thakurjis from all maths, since usually we only give "jais" to the Thakurji of the math we're staying in. Then he said, different maths have different Thakurji’s and different sevaks are serving them. He said if th…

The Magnetic Pull of His Divine Personality

Srila Guru Maharaj is very affectionate to his disciples.He has causeless mercy and compassion towards all living entities for their eternal welfare and for this reason he travels from one place to another speaking Harikatha throughout the year.He will never let any hindrance come in the way of such activities, even when his health is not so good.

All his glorious activities, his harikathas and articles in different languages like in English, Hindi and Bangla bear proof for his desire for the eternal welfare of all souls.My understanding is that this desire for the eternal welfare of all souls does not stop him from his tours to Punjab like places in severe summer or Simla like places in cold winters.In this regard I see his affection for all souls is many times more than that of a mother to her child. Those coming in contact with Srila Maharaj individually experience personal attention and special regards towards them whether they go for darshan alone or with family and friends.


He Tenderhearted Attentiveness

Our Srila Gurudeva is redeemer of the fallen, the personal associate of the combined form of Sri Sri Radha Krishna—Sri Gauranga Mahaprabhu, a devotee in the mood of topmost sweet mellows. In the external view, he is also in a very high position. Inspite of being such a great personality, he has conferred his supreme compassion on this ordinary soul who is proud and a seeker of prestige.
He speaks with a smiling face. He inspires and encourages me by engaging me in small services. Seeing my physical and mental condition, he gives his suggestions and teachings in a very natural and loving way so that I progress spiritually.He does not see any faults in me.Keeping a faultless vision always, overlooking my thousands of offences, he always guides me.
Once during a festival in Janakpuri (New Delhi), I could not go for 3-4 days for some reason. 
Srila Guru Maharaj asked his sevak Sripad Achintya Govinda Prabhu (Anu Prabhu), “What is the matter? Why has Satish not come for so many days?Are the…