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His Sweet Prasad Distribution Pastimes

When I first came in late 2008, there was darshan in the evening. I would come every day and stand in the doorway, seeing how Srila Gurudev would sweetly distribute prasad to everyone. I would go last in the queue.

One day Srila Gurudev looked at me smilingly and asked, “Did you take prasad?” I said, “No, I will take it after everyone else has taken.” Then he called me inside and gave me prasad. That was so sweet. Sweeter than the sweetest.

In the afternoon, Srila Gurudev would come out to worship Tulasi Devi after most devotees had taken prasad. All the devotees present there were paying their obeisances to him before he would go inside his room. I also went to pay obeisances and after that, he asked me, "Prasad pawa hoeche?" Did you take prasad?

I would reply, “No, Gurudev, I will take now,” and immediately he would get worried and would say, “If you do not go now, you will not get anything, everything will be finished.” It would captivate my heart seeing Gurudev's love …
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He Teaches Us How to Pray

In the Vedic scriptures, it is said that Srila Gurudev is the dearmost of the Supreme Lord; nondifferent from the Supreme Lord. The Supreme Lord has appeared in this world as Guru. The Supreme Lord says that one must take shelter of the lotus feet of Guru. One cannot surrender to the Supreme Lord directly.

The simple meaning of Guru is mother. The mother is the best teacher of the child. The only way to know about the father is through the mother. We have to trust our mother. In the same way, we have to understand guru-tattva. There are multiple names of God. Which name to call out? The mother will teach that you have to pay pranams to father, and father is pleased. Similarly, Gurudev will teach how to pray to the Lord. We cannot get the grace of Guru only by memorizing the scriptures.

Often times people go to Gurudev and ask for his mercy. This is not how mercy is given, just by asking and not following.

Once we had gone to Krishnanagar ten years ago. Gurudev had been advised by doctors…

His Affectionate Advice

Wherever Srila Guru Maharaj may be, he has great affection for every disciple and to give the proof of this I reproduce some portions of his letters received from abroad.
a) I want to know your present health condition after taking Homoeopathic medicine as per doctor’s prescription of Calcutta along with Allopathic medicine. b)I am anxious to get the news of your well-being by return post or phone.

On Feb 28, 1997, I had some heart problem and doctor advised me to take rest.For Mayapur parikrama in March 1997, we had our reservations of tickets done in advance but seeing my difficulty my brother and relatives did not wish that I undertake the journey.When I objected they told me to ask Guru Maharaj and act according to his advice.I spoke to Guru Maharaj over the telephone and he said “It is good if you come.Travel comfortably and parikrama can be performed by rickshaw.If that is also not possible, just staying in the math at least you will get to hear Harikatha.”

—Partha Sarati Das (Om Pr…

His Instructions on Hearing About Diksha Mantras

In 2002, I allowed myself to be influenced by one devotee who, replete with janma, aisvarya, sruta, and sribhih, was, at that time, living as a sanyassi. Because that devotee told me that diksa was absolutely essential in purifying myself to chant suddha nama, I requested it from Srila Bhakti Ballabh Tirtha Maharaja later that year. 
Srila Gurudeva looked right at me and told me, “You won’t be able to do. The harinama which I already gave you is all you need.” 
At the time, I thought he was testing me, but in retrospect, I can see he meant it. Still, I foolishly insisted for two weeks until he finally gave. A while later, following Srila Gurudeva through the courtyard of the math, I audaciously asked, “Could you please speak something about the difference between sanga-siddha bhakti, sanga-siddha bhakti and svarupa-siddha bhakti?” 
Then Srila Gurudeva said, “I can tell that you have been associating in another sanga. You may continue, but you should only discuss diksa mantras with me or …

He Melts The Heart

I had darshan of His Divine Grace Srila Bhakti Ballabha Tirtha Maharaj in India a couple of times and in the USA when he went to Phoenix one year. I remember being in so much anxiety to see him. I drove 7 hours from LA to Phoenix where He spoke at a new age center one evening. It was like heaven to see him, an oasis in the desert—literally!

The evening went by very quickly but it was magical. I have 2 outstanding memories of that evening. One guest asked Maharaj to bless his special crystal. Maharaj said, "No! We put our faith in the Holy Names. We do not give power to external things."What he said was beautiful and so perfect. I remember that the guest with crystal was taken aback at first but was melted by the pure devotee before him.

Then, after the class, I got an opportunity to speak with Maharaj alone. It was at the time when My Divine Guru Maharaj, His Divine Grace Srila Bhakti Pramode Puri Goswami Maharaj became ill—toward the very end of our ability to see Him with ex…

The Powerful Effect of His Words Relate to His Divine Conduct

Sadhu is deena-vatsala. In Srimad Bhagavatam, Nimi Maharaj Navayogendra Samvad, it is said: just half a moment's association with a sadhu has the power to cut off and free an enslaved jiva from worldly life and tribunals. Such power is there in a sadhu's words whose conduct is one with his words and with the scriptures (virayavati katha).

Our Param Gurudev's disciple who is a house-holder hosted Paramgurudev and his group for 3 days at his place in Icchapur for katha before they proceeded on Navadvip Parikrama. Gurudev went to look after arrangements in advance and later stayed for few more days for some work after the program. Then the householder devotee told our Gurudev, if you do not mind, if you do not feel unhappy, I want to say something to you. Gurudev said, you have served so much. Speak your heart, I will not feel bad.
Then he said, your harikatha is just like our Gurudev’s, but the attraction and the power, the weight that is in Gurudev's katha is not felt in …

His Loving Presence During Our Godsister's Final Days

The following is a combined version of the previous 5 part series.
Hindi version will also be posted in the complete sequence when it is finished.


With Gurudev’s mercy, I have got inspiration to share this incident about my biological sister and God-sister, Ashita Dhamir. She was initiated by Srila Gurudev ( Nityalila Pravishtha Om Visnupad Paramhamsa Shree Shrimad Bhakti Ballabh Tirtha Goswami Maharaj Ji) on 31 Aug 2013 at Kolkata math.

She had a direct experience of Srila Gurudev’s mercy when she was admitted to the hospital because of pneumonia in March 2017. The doctors had diagnosed that she had got water clogged into her lungs. This made it difficult for her to breathe. She was put on life-support. The doctors advised us to get an operation, but also told us that the chances of her staying alive were very slim. The success rate of such a surgery was almost none.
My relatives who had gathered at the hospital. My parents were not ready to go for the heart operation because …

His Shanta Swabhav (Peaceful Demeanor)

tat te anukampam susamikshamana: most noble, peaceful, even those who act like enemies to them also he is very friendly.

Under any circumstance, Gurudeva is always seen peaceful and smiling, which is an exemplary character of a pure devotee as explained in the verse, tat te anukampam susamikshamana (Brahma Stava 10.14.8)

Once there was a delay of 5-6 hours when Gurudeva and the prachar party reached Bhatinda from New Delhi, reaching around 1 o'clock in the middle of the night instead of the scheduled time 6 in the evening.

Many of the devotees who arrived with Gurudeva were so tired that when they got rooms they simply retired without even waiting to have prasadam. But when Gurudeva was to be offered food, Gurudeva's sevak found to his surprise that all the stuff the Bhatinda devotees had prepared with love were all Punjab foods— fried things like puris and spicy curries and not a single item other than plain rice suitable for Gurudeva's offering.

There was no papaya sabji n…

His Ecstatic Kirtan on Srila BP Puri Goswami Maharaj's Tirobhav Tithi (Vrindavan, 1999)

Srila Gurudeva leads an ecstatic kirtan on Srila Bhakti Pramode Puri Goswami Maharaja's tirobhav tithi, 1999 at the Vrinda Kunja mandir, Vrindavan:

He Begged Door to Door When His Godbrother Became Ill

It was after 35 years after his [Srila AC Bhaktivedanta Swami Maharaj] Guru Maharaj [Srila Bhaktisiddhanta Saraswati Thakur] gave the instruction to preach abroad that he was able to do so. He was a householder and he had a business, but it was not too successful.

Once he got tuberculosis. At that time tuberculosis meant the family will reject you. The medicine was too expensive, each day 120 rupees; at that time in 1950s, that was near 12,000 rupees daily. Due to the fact that it was an infectious and contagious disease, his family rejected him. This is not in our written history, only spoken.

That time Srila Bhakti Dayita Madhav Goswami Maharaja said, for the service of my godbrother, I will beg door to door, and he brought him to his temple. At that time, Madhav Maharaj had a temple in a rented house in Rasbihari, Kolkata. It is not the building where the temple is now, but five blocks from there.

Madhava Maharaj kept him there for 6 months and every day gave 120 rupees for his me…