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The Rain Stops for Him

Once we were in Dehradun and Nagar-Sankirtan was about to start. It started raining heavily. Guruji came with Amarendra Prabhu under an umbrella. The hall was filled with devotees, the musical band was playing music.

Many scattered because of the rain. but Guruji called Srikant Prabhu and asked him to sing the kirtan "Kripa Karo hum par Shyam Sunder..."

After that, Guruji sang "Sri Krishna Chaitanya Prabhu Nityanand Sri Advait Gadadhar Srivas Adi Gaura Bhakta Vrinda," and as soon as he started Nitai Gauranga, the rain stopped.

The sky became clear and sun was seen. Then all the devotees went for Nagar sankirtan started. As soon as the nagar kirtan reached back to the math, it started raining heavily once again.

Srila Bhakti Vilas Tridandi Maharaj (2015)

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His Big Appreciation for Our Small Efforts

Within the first few weeks after I came to Gurudeva, he granted me shelter and I knew from the core of my heart if I follow this sadhu and his instructions, I will be taken care of and get everything eventually. I don't know how many lifetimes it will take, but if I just follow this sadhu, I will be saved. I had met other spiritual personalities, but these were the lotus feet in which I could fully give myself. There are no doubts. I thought I am alright here. I can let go, I don't have to hold back. I might hold back from conditioning, but actually, there is no need anymore.  This sadhu will let me hold on.

Once in Guwahati, I remember one of Guru Maharaj's gestures. I was there with my sister. When Guru Maharaj came out of the room, I was alone in the crowd of Indians. He saw me from far. I am always amazed he remembered me. He smiled and he gestured, "Are you staying?" It was like a casual thing friends ask each other. It blew me away.

I would come and stay in K…

He Wants Us to Just Try

Guru Maharaj made everything so easy. Everything was beginning from the heart, centered on the heart. During the first two years I had darshans of Guru Maharaj, he said the same thing to me: "It's so easy to please Krishna." My background made me so complicated but Guru Maharaj made it so easy. He said, "It's so easy to please Krishna. Why? Because he's the nearest and dearest. Nobody is nearer to us than Krishna.

So I was thinking even when I feel close to someone, that is nothing compared to how close the Lord is. Naturally, it's easy. If you try to please the Lord from the heart, he is pleased. It's so easy. He kept telling me this again and again, probably because I have a complicated mind.

Looking back and even now what he was trying to teach me is there: it's all very simple.

Many times I heard him say the panacea for all problems is sharanagati. If we surrender, things will fall into place. That was the impression I got from Guru Maharaj—…

He Reveals His Presence in Unlimited Ways

In 2004,  I was very sick for months. Very sick. I was in Udupi with an Ayurvedic doctor. There were 2 didis from another sangha there. We sat in the waiting room together sometimes. One of those didis was a secretary of an ISKCON guru and she read Srimad Bhagavatam every morning. I have to admit my spirits were so low at that time, I was just sitting there reading the newspaper. I was chanting but I couldn't get myself to open a book. I was depressed and in a ton of physical and emotional pain. Somehow I finished my rounds but other than that, I couldn't do much.

Some newspapers in India print  a spiritually related column called the "Speaking Tree."  I read that although it was usually Mayavad philosophy. One day I opened it and I was astounded. I cried out, "My Gurudev is in the newspaper! My Gurudeva!" I told everyone, "My Gurudev is in the newspaper!" I had tears in my eyes.

The didi who had been reading Bhagavatam next to me suddenly said, …

His Desire for Us to Honor Prasad Deeply

Guru Maharaj would instruct me in such a gentle way. He knew I couldn't handle much criticism. I'm really quite a fragile person, so Guru Maharaj was so gentle communicating things I could have done better. Sometimes it was so subtle, he would just look at me for 2 seconds and I would understand what I did wrong. So gentle.

Bindu Madhava Prabhu would also say, "Guru Maharaj gives exactly the right dosage for each person. Whatever they could take, he would give just the right amount."

One time Guru Maharaj corrected me in front of everybody. It was during tulasi worship when he used to come out into the library in Kolkata math.

This happened because at that time I was cooking my own prasadam. Because of health problems, I needed to control my diet and not take prasad from the temple. He would always ask everyone, "Have you taken prasadam?" And when he asked me directly one day, I said, "No, Guru Maharaj, I have not taken from the temple. I make my own.…

He Does Not Accept Ill Words From Anyone

Srila Gurudev told us about when he was in a college either in Cooch Behar or in Cotton College, Guwahati. While he was there, his roommate spoke roughly to him every day. He was not very senior to Gurudev, only about one year. But Gurudev was such a sadhu that he said nothing. He never spoke ill words towards anyone.

Persons who have a tendency to lord over others often speak continuously. When they find a simple person who doesn’t argue, they just keep speaking abusive words and don’t stop. Only if someone argues back, they may shut the mouth. Yet Guru Maharaj never reacted or said a word. Every day, that person continued going on like that.

Srila Gurudev told us that one day when his roommate started with this, he extended his cloth forward and told that person, “I am collecting all your abusive words and giving them back to you. I give these back.”

On several occasions, Srila Gurudev offered to shift to another room but the roommate would not allow him to do so, probably for a …

Circumstances Adjust According to His Saintly Nature

Once when we were going out for Nagar Sankirtan I witnessed that  it started to rain very heavily—there was a huge downpour. Guruji said maybe Indra does not want us to go outside today. He called Srikant Prabhu and asked him to sing “Kripa karo ham par Shyama sundar hey bhakta vatsal kahalane vale….”

As soon as prabhuji finished singing that kirtan the rain stopped and devotees went out on Sankirtan and came back to the math after some time. Then it started raining once again.

Devotees have seen another incident like this in Simla. We saw that when Guruji was singing in Nagar sankirtan, there was no rain but rain would follow him from behind. The residents of Simla were surprised to see this and were attracted to him and his kirtans. Later many took Harinam and Diksha from him.

Guru Maharaj would give me some money for arrangements of katha and kirtan programs. I  would reply, "No Guruji, all arrangements are made, everything is taken care off",  but Guru Maharaj perso…

He Never Actually Disappears

Srila Gurudeva’s disappearance pastime has shown me how the transcendental sound of mantra can connect us with Srila Gurudev and how happy he is when we singing Maha Mantra and Srila Bhaktivinode Thakur's songs for his satisfaction.

Since last January I felt so much pain in my body and strong desire to move to Kolkata and spend more time with Srila Gurudev. This pain was only increasing, I was crying and one week before his health problems began, I had just wanted to leave my job. Already I had talked with my boss and coworkers that I am wasting my time in the job and will go to India where can do the eternal job.

I was surprised what is going on with me and could not control my mind, my speech. I had no fear but complete trust that I am doing right. That time I did not know what is Krishna's desire for Srila Gurudev regarding his apparent health problems. Then I got information about Gurudeva's heart condition and I prayed for his darsan. By his mercy, everything was ar…

It is Only By His Blessing That We Receive Darshan

2017 was the first year I attended Vyasa Puja without having any idea that this would be the last opportunity while Srila Gurudeva was still physically present with us here. On 93rd Vyasa Puja of Srila Gurudev, we stayed in Kolkata Math for one full week from 3rd April 2017 to 10th April. It was a very happy and joyous time with math buzzing with devotees. The Days filled with soulful kirtans by devotees and Harikathas from Guruvarga and was very memorable in the association of hundreds of godbrothers and godsisters.
It was all by His blessings only that we had darsan of Gurudev's Vyasa Puja, got a chance to offers flowers and pranams at His Divine Lotus Feet, got charanamrta, and participated in the grand celebrations that was observed in the Math and Uttama Manch auditorium, heard glories of Gurudev to heart's content, also advice from guru-varga on sadhan-bhajan. Staying for 4-5 days after Vyasa Puja and taking Gurudev's darsan daily morning and evening, returned home ho…

Realisation of His Divine Qualities Increases in Separation

I offer my unlimited humble obeisances at Srila Gurudeva’s lotus feet and pray for his mercy so that I can continue to serve him with love and devotion for the rest of my life and forever after. My experience of Srila Gurudeva’s disappearance from this world taught me many valuable lessons in life and in Krsna consciousness, and I hope that by sharing these experiences others will be inspired in their service to Guru and Krsna.

I was supervising the men’s asrama at the Krishna House, the preaching center I stay at when I heard of Srila Gurudeva's heart attack. I was hoping that  Srila Gurudeva would miraculously recover like he did over three years ago at the Guwahati hospital, but as the days went on, Gurudeva’s health updates made it clear that he was planning on disappearing from our vision this time. I was amazed to find out that the doctor’s declared that no one could live in a body with such a low heart rate and multi-organ failure, and I understood from this that  Srila …