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Sincere Devotees are Beyond Categories of Householder and Ashramite

Once in our Kolkata Math, a bramhachari did not behave respectfully towards a householder devotee during a festival program, and Srila Tirtha Goswami Maharaj was not pleased with that. He said, “Household devotees come to math for few days leaving aside all their material duties. They come to associate with the sadhus. It is not appropriate to be disrespectful towards them. If we have ego that I am a brahmachari, I am a sanyasi and they are grihastas, then we will not get the grace of the Supreme Lord.

We should give up all types of false ego. Mahaprabhu has instructed:

yei bhaje sei bada, abhakta—hina, chara
krishna-bhajane nahi jati-kuladi-vicar

Anyone who takes to devotional service is exalted, whereas a non-devotee is always condemned and abominable. Therefore in the discharge of devotional service to the Lord, there is no consideration of the status of one’s family. (Chaitanya Charitamrita Antya-lila 4.67.)

Whoever performs bhajan is exalted; there is no consideration of whethe…

"She Has Gone to Golok Dham"

Guru Maharaj is not an ordinary person, he is sent by the Supreme Lord to rescue all of us. In the office, if we are working in one place, we may be deputed to another place to do some work. Similarly, Gurudev has been deputed from Golok Dham to help us. Guru Maharaj has come here by his own desire, and he has come here to fulfill the desire of Hari-Guru-Vaishnavas.

In Gokul Mahavan, in 1997, I took Harinām along with my dharmapatni, my wife. Guru Maharaj asked my wife, "If something has happened to you, how do you take this, as if Gurudev is at fault, or other persons are at fault?”

My wife replied, “Whatever happens, I think it is all good for me, by your arrangement.”

In 2013, my wife was detected with breast cancer, and later she left this world. Some devotees came to the math and gave the news to him.

Gurudev replied, "She has gone to Golok Dham."

In the hospital, I remember when my wife was in the ICU, and the doctor came and told me, "Your wife is in the fin…

Capturing Him in Your Heart

In 2005, I decided to visit Jagannath Puri for Rath Yatra. It was my first visit to any Math after Harinam. The first thing I did was to equip myself with a film SLR camera anticipating interesting moments and visuals. Every year from then on, the camera accompanied me – so much so that most of the time, I used to take snapshots more than actually participating.

In 2010 or 11,  I was staying in Mumbai. A few devotees wanted to purchase a camera for the Math seva, and, supposing I knew a bit about cameras, I accompanied them along for the purchase. Some research was done, and we picked up a Canon SLR and a couple of lenses.

Soon after that, we went off to Jagannath Puri. We were excited for the visit. It was during Rath Yatra, and Srila Gurudeva was there for some days.

A special darshan was organised for the Mumbai devotees. We walked in and offered pranams. As usual, I was holding the camera and shooting from many angles. At some point, I went closer to become part of the light convers…

Taking Responsibility for All Offences

In Gokul, when people of a local political party destroyed the deity of Radha Gokulanandji, Guruji was in Jammu. Parampujyapad Srila Guru Maharaj, Pujyapad Narayan Maharaj, one devotee from Bathinda and I went to a MP (Member of Parliament) in Jammu to discuss this topic. From there, Gurudev went to Gokul.

He was very sad and cried incessantly saying, “This has happened because of my offences. Gurudev has given me the responsibility to serve Them. I couldn't do Their service nor could I take care of Them.”

Later some devotees consulted an advocate to file a case against the miscreants. The papers were prepared and taken to Guruji for signatures.

They told Guruji, "Please sign these papers; we will file a case against those culprits.” Guruji read the papers and tore them into pieces.

He told “Have we become eligible to file a case against Vrajvasis? Whatever has happened is due to my offences.”

He was very cautious not to offend the Vrajvasis. Where can we find such an ideal cha…

Devotion as Attention to Fine Details

When I was serving in the math, I sometimes worked in the outside room on my laptop.

Gurudev saw me and asked, "Do you know any typing? Can you type a letter for me?

I told him I could do it, and he dictated a letter to me. It was about some land next to Dehradun maṭh that was belonging to one of our Godsisters. Gurudev wanted to purchase that land and our Godsister also wanted to sell it.

When he was dictating, I was shocked. He knows not only spiritual matters, but also all the legal matters, the financial matters, every aspect. He was a spiritual CEO. Each and every instruction was spiritually and materially perfect. He was explaining how you can get the land, how you can give the funds to that Mātājī – everything.

Once I was translating Dasavatar. The Hindi translation is slightly tough – a little cryptic. I translated with a little whim.

Gurudev told, "You have to understand this concept. When they were churning the ocean, Kurma felt it was scratching his itch.…

Not to Disturb Anyone

I have met many Maharajas, but our Gurudev is most humble. When in the West, he was very open. Anyone could come to him at anytime without asking anyone's permission. He was very available for us.

When Guruji was giving initiation, he was doing everything on his own. First, he was doing Guru Pooja, then he delivered a long Harikatha and he made us understand each and every thing from beginning to end.

In the end, he said, "Now you Dandavats to our Gurudev." He never said that he is a Guru. He always offered us to his Guruji.

I organized a program. It was in a mill which was renovated and made into a big apartment which we rented. The owner and his 80 year old mother were living downstairs. There was a big kirtan. The owner was frightened by the noise and came up to express his displeasure.

Gurudev told us after that not to do loud kirtan.

When we were planning for next years program, Gurudev asked, "Will we be allowed for next year?"

He never thought himself to…

Memories of Cooking for Gurudeva

Once I prepared prasad for Guruji and served him.

He said, "You should put whole chili in the food, so if someone has to eat, he can choose to eat it or leave it."
The next day when I prepared prasad, I put the whole chili in the preparation and took it to Guruji.

Guruji started honoring the prasad while I sat near him.

Suddenly he cried, "Atom Bomb!"

I did not understand, I was confused. Finally I understood that he was referring to the green chili, and we both started laughing.

Then I asked him if he had ever prepared prasad for his Gurudev. He told me there was only one occasion.

"When I asked him how he liked it," Guruji explained, "He told it was nice, but when I tasted the remnants, there was no salt in it. That was the only time I made prasad for him."

Guruji never told anybody that he wants to eat a certain thing for prasad. Whatever the brahmachari prepared for him he had it. Once Guruji told one brahmachari who made prasad was like a ma…