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His Merciful Concern for a Helpless Baby

On the morning of June 6, 2010, Srila Gurudeva told me,"Lord likes children and old people. You should not disrespect them as they are very dear to Lord. Prahlad, Dhruv – they were all small children."

That afternoon at the Agartala airport, somehow the sound of a child's cry entered the transcendental ears of our Gurudev from at least 20 feet away from the child in this crowded, busy airport.

Srila Gurudev asked, "Why is the child crying?"

I went and found that the baby's mother has gone to the restroom and he was crying for her. I conveyed the same to Srila Gurudev.

He said, "Oh, okay. Is there some one to take care of him?

I assured that his father was there, then we started discussing about some other topics. Everyone totally forgot about the child and the mother after five minutes except Gurudeva.

He remarked, "Looks like the child's mother has come. He is not crying now."

I just could not imagine how much Srila Gurudev cares and shows affe…

His Strength in Humility

Guru Maharaj [Srila Bhakti Dayita Madhav Goswami Maharaj] did not leave us with his intentions written only in his heart. Already during his manifest pastimes, even two years before his disappearance, he declared and broadcast everywhere:

“If I die, or if for some reason any other difficulty occurs, Bhakti Ballabh Tirtha Maharaj shall sit in my position. I am seating him as my successor. No one can have any objection to this.”

As Guru Maharaj is antaryami (inward-knower), having received Prabhupad’s mercy, he also foresaw that in his absence, Srila Tirtha Maharaj would have no difficulty running the math. For this reason, Guru Maharaj declared Srila Tirtha Maharaj as the next acharya before his own departure.

When our Gurudev disappeared, dark clouds in the form of adversities or misunderstanding were cast over the math, but the way that Srila Tirtha Maharaj has preserved Srila Guru Maharaj’s vani (instructions) is beyond words. We have been with him and witnessed that he did not deviat…

From the Core of His Heart

I was once in Mumbai to attend Srila Guru Maharaj's program. During one of His lectures, He summarised the jiva's defects in their practice of surrender.

"Can we say with all our heart, Oh Gurudeva! I only want your service and nothing else? Oh Krishna! I only desire your loving service and nothing else. If we say this from the core of our heart, then we will immediately get the transcendental loving service of Srila Gurudeva and Krishna. The reality is that we do not aspire to attain Lord Krishna and His loving services from the core of our heart."

During His lecture, Srila Guru Maharaj explained that if some one only says by mouth, "I Love the Supreme Lord," it is not worth anything. Loving the Supreme Lord truly means not desiring for any materialist entity. Srila Guru Maharaj said that we must analyze our heart and see if it is truly not desiring anything of this material world.

—Sundaranand Das

His Extreme Amount of Respect in Honoring Prasadam

I heard this from Sri Bhakti Bhushan Bhagavat Maharaj, in-charge of Tezpur math. When Srila Tirtha Maharaj used to sit for taking prasad, he used to say while crying:

"I am so fortunate that I got an opportunity to honor prasad."

He used to be so immersed in prema that while having prasad, he used to eat the banana leaf plate as well on which prasadam was served.

When Guruji came to know about this, he thought Tirtha Maharaj is "bhola nath" (naive) and thus he appointed a brahmachari to be with Srila Tirtha Maharaj while eating prasad to check that he does not eat banana leaf or else he may fall sick.

—B P Mahavir Maharaj (Gurudeva's godbrother and sannyas disciple)

His Lack of Attention to External Coverings

Once I went to Dhanbad along with Maharaj for preaching. There was a person called Yasamanta who used to give coal thrice a year. Earlier, they invited Guru Maharaj to stay in their house because it has good accommodation and also they had air conditioned rooms. But that particular year, we went to live in the house of a householder devotee in Herapuri who was a disciple of Param Pujyapada Om Vishnupad Srimad Bhakti Vilas Tirtha Goswami Maharaj.

Narasingha Maharaj, Deva Prasad Prabhu, and Vishnudaivata Maharaj (who was a brahmachari that time) were also present. There was Harikatha and kirtan in the house of Yasamanta, and Maharaj would go there. I was cooking and washing clothes for Tirtha Maharaj. Narasingha Maharaj, who was Achintya Govinda brahmachari then, gave advice to Tirtha Maharaj.

“Maharaj, please clean your clothes. You are going to the house of a distinguished person.”

Maharaj replied, “No, it is already clean.”

Achintya Prabhu said to me, “Krishna Ranjan Prabhu, please wa…

Giving Instructions Through His Supreme Example

Guru Maharaj flew from Delhi to London. I joined them in London airport and waited along with them to catch a flight to New York. I was seated next to Guru Maharaj on the plane and I noticed with interest that he was reading the book "Perfect Questions Perfect Answers" by Srila Swami Maharaj, a very well-known book for beginners in Krishna consciousness. I saw Guru Maharaj reading that book with a lot of concentration.

I wondered why he was reading that book because he knows everything. Even though I didn’t ask him, I found the answer myself: because he has perfect attitude of following Guruvarga, he wanted to follow the scripture of Srila Swami Maharaj as he was an authorized disciple and had been given the order by Srila Prabhupada to go and preach outside.

Guru Maharaj was very cautious to never go beyond what Swami Maharaj had given. His attitude was never like he knows more or can give more in the West than what Swami Maharaj had. So he was reading the book to see what …

He Drives Away Impure Elements

When Maharaji came to Hawaii, his Nrisimhadev kirtans had become popular and well known. One time the devotees took him down to a beautiful place called Waipio Valley on the Big Island of Hawaii. You have to go by 4 -wheel drive across streams pouring down from waterfalls and through thick tropical plants and trees. There is also a nice black sand beach in the valley, and the devotees took Guruji there.

The scene was perfect, but then some local residents came nearby and started a "barbecue" of meat cooking. Guruji started a rip-roaring (full of vigour) kirtan and shortly after a big raincloud came and completely poured down, extinguishing the fire of the persons who were cooking. After that, they simply went away.

—Suchandra Dasi, USA