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Total Immersion in the Service of His Guru Maharaj

Those who know Srila Gurudev also know that no one can ever say there has been any deficiency in his service to the Vaishnavas.He gives due respects to every Vaishnav.He is seen engrossed day and night in the service of his Guru Maharaj.Any work that is in progress, he attributes it to his Guruji’s mercy.Any activity he performs he does is remembering his Guruji and praying for his mercy.

When I got Harinam and Diksha from Srila Gurudev Maharaj he said, “Your guruji is Param Pujyapad Om Vishnupad 108 Sri Srimad Bhakti Dayita Madhava Goswami Maharaj.I am only carrying out his orders, I have no qualification to become a guru.Madhava Maharaj is only your guru.Such devotion to guru is rather rare to find.

Once I lost my Japamala when the bag in which it was kept got stolen and I wrote a letter to Gurudev.Then he wrote a letter advising to be very careful about Japa mala and also said he would give a new Japamala in Sridham Vrindavan.On receiving Japa mala from Guruji I did pranams to him …

The Depth of His Love and Respect for the Holy Name

There is no need for any explanation in regard to Srila Guru Maharaj’s engrossment in devotion to Sri Nandanandana Krishna, everyone who has met Guru Maharaj has seen it.No one can say ‘though, even though’ in regard to his exclusive one-pointed devotion.His firm faith and love in Bhagavan’s Name, Form and Deity form is unparalleled which I have never seen anywhere in my short life.
I got an opportunity many times to participate in Srila Gurudev’s annual gatherings at Rajpura.Srila Gurudev’s morning program was at Sri Satyanarayan temple.When Guruji reached there he found that carpets were not spread in some places on the floor and so noticed that the names of donors were engraved on some stones.He then told that among them many names were of the Supreme Lord and how could one walk on them?He said that the names should not have been engraved on the floor.

Those stones should have been fixed on the wall.But now that the stones/tiles cannot be pulled out he said it should not be left ope…

Part 4 (Conclusion) of "His Divine Grace Reaches the Western Hemisphere"

During the following week, Maharaj demonstrated His unlimited compassion for the devotees by continuously traveling hundreds of miles throughout the extremely rugged terrain of Arizona, for the sole purpose of chanting Krishna's glories to all that requested the privilege of His Divine presence. Upon arriving at the home of Haripriya dasi in the very remote village of Pima in Eastern Arizona, Maharaj remarked that the surroundings reminded Him of Vrindavan as He pointed out the thick vegetation, the dirt paths, the simple style house and the view of the nearby Mount Graham, which appeared to Him to be like Govardhan Hill. With this fresh, transcendental vision of her humble dwelling, Haripriya seemed visibly stirred by this special show of mercy.

The next morning, Maharaj and His entourage departed for New York City, and everyone was greatly saddened to see them leave. Wishing to be permitted the opportunity to render further service, I followed the party up to New York two days …

His Divine Grace Reaches the Western Hemisphere, (Part 3)

The final highlight of the New York tour was Maharaj's visit to the place where ISKCON Founder-Acharya His Divine Grace A. C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada initiated Lord Chaitanya Mahaprabhu's Sankirtan movement in America: Tompkins Square Park. Maharaj paid His heartfelt obeisances at that very spot where Srila Prabhupada had stood more than thirty years before. Maharaj's extreme affection and His utterly humble, deferential feelings towards Guru Varga is one of His most powerful attributes.

The three days that the devotees spent with us this second time around seemed as if a whirlwind of devotional activity had descended from the spiritual world. Once again, there was a constant flow of devotees and guests from all over the state, as well as the very welcome visit from Govinda Madhava das from the Los Angeles ISKCON temple, who had made Maharaj's acquaintance in India.

Thursday, we participated in the Harinam ceremony of Guru Maharaj's latest disciple, Jagannath …

His Divine Grace Reaches the Western Hemisphere (Part 2)

Continued from Part 1

Nearly every day, Maharaj spoke at homes and also at numerous North and South Indian Hindu temples, as well as various ISKCON centers and other independent Vaishnava centers spread throughout the New York metropolitan area (which also includes New Jersey and Connecticut). The highlight of these engagements, arranged by a very nice Indian gentleman named Pradyumna, took place at the Govindaji temple in New Jersey, which was formerly an ISKCON temple, but is now maintained by the local Indian community. The enthusiastic congregation at Govindaji's was very much attracted to Maharaj's magnetic personality, and for three consecutive nights they gave Him their rapt attention at the temple and participated with great energy in the Kirtans and the stream of Hindi Bhajans rendered by Bhuta Bhavana das.

These Kirtans were so ecstatic that, one evening, Maharaj lead the chanting party into the streets and performed an unforgettable Nagar Sankirtan through the India…