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He Loves All Equally

Srila Gurudeva has no enmity towards anybody. We have never seen feelings of hostility towards any human being or towards animals in him.Whenever Guruji’s assistants put ‘good night’ machine (for killing mosquitoes) in Guruji’s room, he would invariably express his disapproval of it.He always uses a mosquito net so that not even small insects also face any difficulty. His efforts are always in this regard.

One time being troubled very much by cockroach menace I went to Guruji to take advice as to how I can get rid of them without committing sin.  Guruji told me that every action has a reaction and its reaction I have to necessarily suffer.Guruji then said, “Sprinkle turmeric power and they run away.”

Guruji’s vision itself is merciful, so he does not carry the feelings like this is good, that is bad.He loves all equally.

—Purushottam Das Sekhari (Punjab)

Translated from Sri Krishna Chaitanya Sandesh July-Oct, 1997 (Year 17, Issue No.4, Page 63-65) 

He is Still Chanting in Our Hearts

When asked about chanting one lakh, Srila Guru-Maharaj would usually say, eka-laksana, with a one-pointed quality you should chant, from the core of your heart. One name is enough to attract Krishna. This, of course, doesn't mean to neglect our sankhya. Gurudev had asked at least one devotee to chant one lakh, but these occasions were exceptional. Like Srila Bhakti Raksaka Sridhar Maharaj, he put more emphasis on quality. 

In Govardhan, I once asked Sri Aniruddha Prabhu how he developed taste for chanting. His eyes lit up, and he told me, how once in our Chandigarh math, he noticed how Srila Tirtha Maharaj would suddenly disappear each afternoon. So, when seeing him climb the stairs one afternoon, he followed him at a distance. He saw how he disappeared in an empty room and went closer. He heard how he started calling out the Maha-mantra very loudly, until his voice broke due to weeping in ecstasy. "This was the moment I attained nama-ruci!" Aniruddha Prabhu told me with …

He Could Not Stop Himself From Dancing Before the Rath

In 1996 during Rathyatra time, Srila Gurudeva was advised by the doctors not to bend much and to avoid movements (dance and kirtans) due to injury to His back.That time in Agartala I personally saw Srila Guru Maharaj would bend down to do full dandavatpranams (prostrated obeisance) to the Supreme Lord with great difficulty.

When we objected to his doing this he would say if pranams were not done before the Supreme Lord then a feeling of pride will remain in the mind.Morning and evening after arati parikrama he would offer pranams to all Vaishnavasalong with others.Also, He could not stop himself from performing dance and kirtan before Rath.

—Sri Damodar Das (Satish Aggrawal, New Delhi)

Translated from Sri Krishna Chaitanya Sandesh July-Oct, 1997 (Year 17, Issue No.4, Page 42-46)

He Leaves All Other Work to Care for Devotees

In 1962 I had my first darshan of Maharaj.  I got the chance to associate with him for a longer period when I was sent by Guruji (Srila Bhakti Dayita Madhava Goswami Maharaj) to Jagannath Puri along with him. That was the time when Maharaj was engaged in the service of recovering the birthplace of Prabhupad at Puri.  At that time we stayed together.  

Maharaj was attending to all outside work and I looked after all inside work.  Once while working I got a big blow on my head when I accidentally hit a cupboard.  When he came to know this, Maharaj left all his other work and engaged himself in serving me.  By his own hands, he applied medicine on my head and took me to the doctor.  Seeing Maharaj’s service mood I was surprised.  Even to this day, I am unable to forget this kind act which he extended even when I am very junior to him.

In Puri when we were staying in one ashram I saw that Maharaj was busy always in seva.  I remember that time Guru Maharaj gave me a letter where it was writt…