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His Constant Guidance Towards True Humility

During the time I was serving Srila Gurudeva, there was a long period during which he would daily speak the same great personal teaching or maha-vakhya:

“Sabāi bhālo, āmi kharab – all are good, I am bad.”

Then he would turn around and ask us: “Isn’t it?”

Often one devotee would answer, “Yes, Gurudev, all are good, I am bad.”

He would then turn to that devotee and say, “Are you saying it from your lips or from your heart?”

Then everyone would laugh.

We all got his message. Of course, when you would take this maha-vakhya out of context, it could be misunderstood. It is not advocating that we should tolerate all kind of misbehavior - we have seen him chastise devotees. It is indicating what our internal mood should be, no matter what we do externally.

Once, there was some serious misbehavior of one leading devotee and some other devotees at once flew in to consult with Guru-Maharaj about the measurements to be taken. To their surprise, Guru-Maharaj didn’t chastise that devotee but…

His Love Is Far Beyond What Ordinary Parents Give

About 6-7 years ago, Ashwaniji and I went to math by Rajadhani to Calcutta and reached at about 11 AM. That day, Guru Maharaj was quite busy.His sevak told that he became free just 2 minutes before completing his writing work which was very huge.He also told us he'd be going out to complete some important work then.
In spite of all this, after enquiring about our well-being, he took out a five rupee note from his bag and asked Madhu Prabhu to get some rasagullas for us, telling that we have come from far.Madhu Prabhu brought 4 rasagullas. Guru Maharaj himself gave both of us rasagulla prasad and asked us to sit there and eat.Later, Guru Maharaj said to make aloo parathas (potato pancakes) with ghee for us.He also asked to get curd along with that.

Then he himself came down from the 3rd floor and asked to spread leaf plates for us saying that it was quite late for their breakfast.I understand such unselfish love even one’s worldly parents cannot give.

—Vishnupriya Agrawal, New Delhi


The Mercy of His Prasad

Srila Gurudeva gave me some deep lessons, unexpectedly using samosas as a medium. The first time he handed me one, it was during evening darshan time in his bhajan kutir in Kolkata. He asked, “Do you know what is it?” I answered, “It’s a samosa.” I thought he asked me that because I’m a foreigner and I wouldn't know what it is. So, I simply reported the name of it to him.

The next time he was distributing samosas, he asked me another question: “Do you know how to make it?” I looked at his most adorable face and tried to figure out why he was asking me this. I blurted out, “No, Gurudev, I have never cooked them, but do you want me to learn? I can learn.” He didn't respond to me. When I went home, I looked at Youtube to see how to make samosas. I thought he wanted me to learn so I could use it for service somehow.

After another week or two went by, there was yet another samosa waiting for me in his sweet hand. He looked in my eyes this time when he spoke to me. It seemed he wan…

Remembering His Entrance Into Nitya Lila

Srila Gurudev was always intoxicated in Krishna-nama-sankirtan, whether or not externally conscious. He was lying on the bed and was seemingly unaware as he was not communicating with any one of us externally, but inwardly he was relishing Krishna-namasankirtan offered by the devotees and also inspired devotees from within to come and join sankirtan movement.

Those who performed the sankirtans those last days on earth are the true servants of Srila Gurudev. Even though the sevaks were attending to the immediate medical services of Srila Gurudev, one would think that the best service was done by those who performed kirtans. Of this, there is no doubt. 
Srila Gurudev could have concluded his pastimes much before but he chose this way to make us realize that the process of Krishna-nama-sankirtan is the only way by which everyone could stay united for a single purpose. Srila Prabhupad Bhakti Siddhanta Saraswati Goswami Thakur had mentioned in his antim-vani (final instructions) to offer …