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He Who Has Complete Faith in Shelter of Supreme Lord Cannot Accept Protection of Anyone Else

The following incident occurred at a time when there was a lot of terrorism in Punjab. As a result of this unrest, many public programs were discontinued or their timings changed. Guruji never discontinued any of his preaching programmes, but might have changed the schedule.

Guruji was about to come to Chandigarh by train. One brahmachari in the math knew some police persons and arranged for police security in the math and at the station for Guruji’s arrival. That time, many devotees used to go to receive Guruji at the station. As soon as he got down from the train, He was surprised to see the police arrangement and asked whether any VIP was arriving.

When he was told that the security was for him, his face which usually wore a soft and beautiful smile became very grave. He did not want to disrupt the enthusiasm of the organisers also. He took them aside to speak to them.

"We should have faith in the Supreme Lord. I left my house with a firm faith that Lord Sri Krishna is our protec…

Bestowing Fearlessness Upon Those Who Reveal Their Hearts to Him

When I was staying in Chakdah Math, an astrologer saw my palm and told me that I will get married. I was 28 years old then. I showed to another palmist and he also confirmed that I will get married before I am 30 years of age. A third astrologer also said the same thing.

Those days I was serving Lord Jagannath in Chakdah by the order of Gurudev. I was not fickle minded before. But when I became 28-29 years, I became a little restless. I tried to do Harinam intently and also chanted a lot of Narasimha Mantra, but my mind did not calm down.

I was feeling that I would fall down and might enter in the family life. I tried a lot, but my mind was not calming down. I had no desire to enter mundane life. I thought to convey the condition of my mind to Guruji. I thought only Guruji can bring me out from that state of mind.

Guru Maharaj was in Tezpur math for the annual function. I wrote my heart's feeling in a letter and posted it to Guruji. Usually it takes 6-7 days for a letter to reach T…

The Rain Stops for Him

Once we were in Dehradun and Nagar-Sankirtan was about to start. It started raining heavily. Guruji came with Amarendra Prabhu under an umbrella. The hall was filled with devotees, the musical band was playing music.

Many scattered because of the rain. but Guruji called Srikant Prabhu and asked him to sing the kirtan "Kripa Karo hum par Shyam Sunder..."

After that, Guruji sang "Sri Krishna Chaitanya Prabhu Nityanand Sri Advait Gadadhar Srivas Adi Gaura Bhakta Vrinda," and as soon as he started Nitai Gauranga, the rain stopped.

The sky became clear and sun was seen. Then all the devotees went for Nagar sankirtan started. As soon as the nagar kirtan reached back to the math, it started raining heavily once again.

Srila Bhakti Vilas Tridandi Maharaj (2015)

Guruvarga Sings His Glories

Once when we came to Kolkata, we saw Guruji performing ecstatic kirtan while jumping high in the air. Srila Gurudev was 66 years old then.

Param Pujyapad Puri Goswami Maharaj said, “Tirtha Maharaj is not an ordinary human being. He is the direct associate (nija jana) of Supreme Lord.”

One time I asked Puri Goswami Maharaji, "You tell one should do seva of Guruji, and one should drink the water that washes the lotus feet of Guruji, but as soon as we go near to our Guruji, he gets angry. Once Guruji went to our Gurubhai - Sudheer Kantji’s house in Bhatinda, He wanted to wash Guruji’s lotus feet, but Guruji became very angry."

“You will not wash my feet! You should wash my Guruji’s feet," Guruji said.

So, I asked Puri Goswami Maharaj what we should do in such situations.

He replied, “You must wash your Guruji’s feet. When your Guruji comes and sits in a room then close and lock the door, then take the water utensil in your hand and tell him that Puri Goswami Maharaj told to w…

He Knows Everything

One day, a devotee from Jalandhar (Punjab, India) came to Kolkata Math and requested me for personal time with Guruji. He wanted to stay in the Math after taking his blessings, so I suggested him to come during the evening darsans. Those days, Srila Gurudev used to distribute prasad to devotees during evening darsans while exchanging very pleasant smiles and affectionate warm words that devotees remember and cherish even today.

That day, I asked the Punjabi devotee to come at the end of the darsan so that he could get focused attention from Srila Gurudev. As suggested, he came at the end and paid obeisances. Before he could finish getting up, Guru Maharaj said, "This is our Gurudev’s place. It is good to stay at such a holy place and serve him. Do you want to stay?"

I was completely surprised. None of us had told him anything.

He got up and said, "Yes, Guru Maharaj."

Then Guru Maharaj said, "It's very nice."
After only two days, the devotee came back to m…

In His Divine Presence, All Distress is Removed

When I saw Gurudev for the first time in Mayapur, the door to his room had opened, and I saw something so beautiful that I never saw before; something beyond my imagination. So beautiful and golden shining – it is beyond words to explain.

Guru Maharaj was sitting on the ground, and I bowed down and sat next to Him. That was my first trip to India and I was traveling first by car and then by three airplanes and they were often delayed. I went by car to Mayapur also, so all together it was a very long journey. I was very tired.

Guru Maharaj, knowing my heart, first asked me, “How was your travel?”
In a bit of a complaining mood, I told him, “Oh, very long time. I’ve already been traveling for three days.”

Then Guru Maharaja gently asked in astonishment, “Three days?”

His mood brought me to sincerity.

I said, “Ok, not three days, but very long.”

Then Guru Maharaja said, “Everything depends on the will of Supreme Lord Sri Krishna.”

When I heard this from Srila Gurudeva, it was something di…

Do We Pull or Draw Lord Jagannath?

By Krishna's arrangement, during the time of Guru Maharaj's stay in New York, 1997, Lord Jagannath decided to go on His annual sojourn through the streets of downtown Manhattan. Maharaj's party accompanied the procession in a limousine driven by a nice gentleman named Ramesh Patel, who just happened to be a limo driver.

At one point, Maharaj asked from the back seat, "Where is Rasabihari?"

"He is up ahead, pilling Lord Jagannath's cart," Akincana prabhu said.

Maharaj then asked, "Is it correct to say 'pulling' or 'drawing' in the English language?"

"Probably 'pulling' is more appropriate," he answered.

Maharaj chuckled and said, "How can we either pull or draw Lord Jagannath? Lord Jagannath acts only according to His own initiative. We have no potency in and of ourselves to do anything, what to speak of compelling God to move. The cart moves by His inconceivable potency, when Lord Jagannath decides, not wh…

His Advice for Maintaining Peace in the Math

Once I told that in Delhi math, there were so many quarrels and disputes. Then Gurudev said, "Whenever you think that whatever I think should happen, then you will not be pleased.  If you think that whatever happens, I should adjust with that, then you can stay in the math.”

This way Gurudev showered so much grace on me.  Even now, I look into the eyes of Guru Maharaj and think, oh, he's going to speak now, he's going to speak now.  My heart hankers for that smile of Guru Maharaj.  Even now I long for that.
Guru Mahārāj, whenever I used to come, would say, "Oh, how are you, when did you come?"
Even now when I come, those words are ringing in my ears.
-Suman Prabhu (Delhi) English translation by Prahlad Das

His Ecstasy After Harinam Initiation

I heard a very heart-touching pastime of Srila Guru-Maharaj from Sri Gobindadas Prabhu, a disciple of Srila Bhakti Pramode Puri Goswami Maharaj, in August of 2012 in the Kolkata Sree Chaitanya Gaudiya Math. He recounted:
“My parents were both disciples of Srila Bhakti Dayita Madhava Goswami Maharaj. One day, my mother told me an amazing pastime of her Godbrother, Srila Bhakti Ballabh Tirtha Goswami Maharaj, whom she held in great esteem. Knowing this story, we can have an idea of what a transcendental personality he is. This pastime also reveals what can happen if we receive the pure name from a pure devotee with full surrender and devotion. 
Srila Bhakti Ballabh Tirtha Goswami Maharaja took Harinam initiation from Srila Bhakti Dayita Madhava Goswami Maharaj in 1948 in the Kolkata Sree Chaitanya Gaudiya Math. That time his name was Sri Kamakhya Charan Guharay (Sri Krishna Ballabh Brahmacari after mantra-diksa.)
After hearing the Maha-mantra from the divine lips of his Gurudeva in the Kol…