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His Tapasya in a Deserted, Snake-filled Forest

Swarna Vihar in Navadvip is a remote, uninhabited place with no villages nearby. For the collection of alms, one has to go far. On Param Gurudeva's instructions, Gurudeva stayed there when he was a brahmachari. He was all alone. That place was full of snakes, so no brahmachari was willing to stay there.This showed his titksavah, tolerance.

I have personally heard this tale from Srila Gurudeva. Then our Param Guru Maharaj was in Sri Chaitanya Math.Suvarna Vihar was, at that time, an almost a deserted forest.Guruji would walk several miles to fetch some rice as alms.In his absence, thieves would come and steal vessels, etc.

For cooking there was no availability of firewood also.Guruji would burn dry banana leaves and somehow prepare khichdi for offering.It is not an easy job to burn banana leaves and Guruji did not have any prior experience.Whenever he would blow air to burn the fire all ash would fly on to his face.

Also, when he would sit for worship of deities snakes would be roa…

His Transcendental Vision of Thorn-Pricked Feet

Srila Guru Maharaj’s tolerance was seen many times more than the tolerance of a tree during Sri Navadvip Dham parikrama.Srila Guru Maharaj would keep his soft lotus feet on the road heated by severe sun as though the road was not hot at all, whereas we were walking on the heated road lifting the feet up quickly and experiencing great difficulty.
I was astonished to see Guruji’s tolerance. At such an advanced age, he would walk barefoot taking darshan of various holy places and making others take darshan and narrating the glories of the places starting from morning 4 O’clock till 7 in the evening, and sometimes till late night.

Even after such a long day, he remained in a very peaceful mood. There was not a sign of tiredness on the face or any complaints at all that could be observed. In spite of the devotee's prayers that there could be a vehicle arranged for him, Guruji always expressed his unwillingness.

Similarly, in Sri Vrindavan dham while walking on hot sand when thorns woul…

He Lets His Gurudeva Do The Chastising

Everyone is aware of the controversies that have prevailed in the math, but not a single word of abuse from Guruji’s mouth was ever heard. During one particular incidence In Kolkata math, an ordinary meeting was called. Everyone expressed their faith in Guru Maharaj and decided to take some stern steps towards envious people. They thought he would attend, but he did not.

My Guru-varga Vaidya Om Prakashji said that he went to Gurudev’s room and prayed to him that he should control the disputing parties, but Gurudev replied, “I have come to the math to perform devotion. Our Gurudev will control or discipline.Whatever is happening here is all by Gurudev’s desire.By this, we should not be disturbed.

—Sri Partha Sarati Das (Om Prakash Lumba), Bhatinda 

Translated from Sri Krishna Chaitanya Sandesh July-Oct, 1997 (Year 17, Issue No.4, Page 56-60)

He is Your Guru

One should take complete shelter of Guru's lotus feet, as one would have for Bhagavan. Gurudeva is Paramgurudeva's most favourite and loving disciple.  A disciple may have many good qualities, but no sharanagati.  Param Gurudeva, Prabhupada do not see qualities in disciples but see only Sharanagati.  Unless there is sharanagati, Gurudeva's qualities will not descend into a disciple.  In ananya bhakti, Bhagavan's qualities descend to a devotee.  If you become favourite of Gurudeva, then you are favourite of Bhagavan too.  Yasya prasadat bhagavat prasado... 

Wherever our Gurudeva speaks Harikatha he speaks only His Gurudeva's words.  He speaks so much about Param Gurudeva that no other disciple of Param Gurudeva speaks. Before speaking, he often says, I  have orders from my Gurudeva that we have to hear and speak about what our Gurudeva has said." This is his special quality.

Guru is Krishna's grace, the incarnate form.  So through Guruseva, Bhagavan is please…