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His Incredible Forbearance

There is no doubt that our Most Merciful Srila Gurudev is an embodiment of patience, but we had the real experience of it when there was once a General Meeting held in Kolkata. There I happened to read the false accusations made upon Srila Gurudev by two Vaishnavas who had filed them in the court. I was surprised to see the serious and baseless accusations that so extremely attacked  His character. 

Reading those accusations, I had felt great anger and also was surprised as to with what thoughts and intentions such senior Vaishnavas did this. In the assembly, all household Vaishnavas expressing their minds let out their anger and pacified themselves. Srila Gurudev did not consider it appropriate to speak anything against anyone and only said that whatever Guruji and Supreme Lord does is all-good. I was astonished seeing this extreme forbearance.

—Sri Vishvambhar Das (B. L. Chotani), Manasa 
Translated from Sri Krishna Chaitanya Sandesh July-Oct, 1997 (Year 17, Issue No.4, Page 47-49)…

His Renunciation of Worldly Security

It was during the annual function at Chandigarh in the year 1978, one day in the morning at 9 AM Sri S D Bhambari who was the chief secretary of Haryana State came to our math along with few visitors and his colleagues to meet our Gurudev Srila Bhakti Dayita Madhav Goswami Maharaj.I was also present at that time in the meeting.
While conversing with Guruji, Sri Bhambari discussed on various matters in general and later on about his official postings in his job.Guruji replied, “My Tirtha (addressing Srila Bhakti Ballabh Tirtha Goswami Maharaj) also had a government job and he would have excelled in his job by now.”

Then Guruji related the entire story of how by following his advice Srila Tirtha Goswami Maharaj had chosen to join math in place of a lucrative posting in a Government Department, by giving up his home and all his relatives.

I had just taken shelter of Srila Gurudev and was new to the math, so I could not immediately understand these intricate details. But today when I rec…

His Self Sacrifice in Bestowing the Mercy of the Holy Name

I had never seen Guruji lose his temper. To even an ineligible fallen disciple like me, Guruji inspires me to become good through his love and affection, just like Sri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu did. Most of the time, Guruji would not get to eat and take rest at night, but we have never seen Guruji is disturbed because of that.

Many times he had no time for rest also. One would find him all the time engaged in loving conversations with any person, disciple or householder devotee who came to meet him without bothering about his own needs, body, or health. Whenever someone prayerfully requested to Guruji that he needed to take rest, and how essential that was, he would always say that it would be good if life air leaves the body while speaking Harikatha. He would further say that it is good that people always engage him in speaking Harikatha.

It was like this for Harinam, Sankirtan, and during prachar, Guruji went from village to village, town to town, and bore various types of difficulties. …

His Bhakta Vatsalya

One time during a Harikatha in Kolkata Math, Gurudev expressed his great concern about devotees who had a desire to visit the zoological park at Kolkata when they came there.

His concern was really palpable when he said, "You go there to see the lions and tigers, but if you suffer a heart attack and die there out of fear hearing just one roar from one of them in close quarters, you may be born as a tiger or a lion next because your last thoughts were of them!"

By Gurudev's grace we see a lesson He is conveying to us, i.e. though death of the body is certain and I have no control over the date, time, place and circumstances of death, but I still have a choice to choose how I live now and so, let me only aspire and pray to live a devotional life in the association of pure devotees of the Lord.

I found myself pondering on the words of Gurudev and could not get it off my mind easily. More thinking made me realize that Gurudev's concern was not like an ordinary mothe…

He Was in Everyone's Hearts as They Sang

Gaursundar Prabhu was there in Guwahati hospital, and he started doing kirtan for the first time. There was space near the hospital, and the arrangement was such that Gurudev was moved to another separate room. It was near an empty building next to the hospital. Gaurasundar Prabhu started doing kirtan there and the sound of kirtan went directly to Guru Maharaj's room. That was his arrangement.

Muni Maharaj was there and he sang, Sri Krishna Chaitanya Prabhu, doya koro more. I still remember the mood with which he sang. That time, moods of material discomforts, they all disappeared. Everyone was filled with deep feelings for Gurudev, and with that mood they sang. Everybody had Gurudev in their mind, in their heart. The full mood was with Gurudev.

Being a part of that kirtan, was really a different experience. That time I took a snap just to remember that, I still have that snap. It was altogether a different atmosphere that time.

Then the kirtan started regularly for th…