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His Anger Only Comes in Service to Sri Guru

Maharaj has a very, very strong dedication to Guru within him. There are many instances of this when we were making efforts for the recovery of Sri Prabhupada's birth place. Many tenants were there and some of them had developed enmity towards us. Sometimes they used to trouble us very much by making fun of us and by eating fish and throwing bits of fish into our rooms.

One time Guru Maharaj (Srila Bhakti Dayita Madhava Goswami Maharaj) had come to Puri. We all were coming from somewhere to the place where our Math now stands. One tenant, even though fully aware that we do not eat onions, with the intention to make fun of us, came in front of Guru Maharaj with a plate full of onion fries and expressing artificial humility said, “Maharaj ji, I am very poor, I cannot serve you properly, please mercifully accept these few fries I have brought for you.”

Guruji glanced at the plate he was holding in hand and hearing his words, answered smilingly, “You know very well that we do…

He Tolerates Our Offenses and Immerses Himself in Kirtan

Once Srila Guru Maharaj addressed one brahmachari by name and asked him to sing a particular kirtan, but surprisingly that brahmachari sat quietly without doing what he asked. So I thought he did not hear Guruji’s instructions.I took his name and told him, “Prabhuji Guru Maharaj is asking you to sing this particular kirtan.”
He murmured in anger that Maharaj does not think which kirtan to be sung in which place.He started a kirtan of his own choice.Then I told him, “Prabhuji, Maharaj has asked you to sing this particular kirtan.”Then in great anger he said take this mike and you sing the kirtan.I was dumb-struck and did not know what to do.

After some time, the same kirtan which he had not started, he sang.Srila Guru Maharaj, in spite of seeing the whole happening, acted as though he did not hear or see anything and as if nothing has happened. He got immersed in singing the kirtan.It came to my mind that what can be a better example of Srila Guru Maharaj’s tolerance than this incidence?

He Rushes For The Opportunity To Greet Sri Guruvarga

Once during Janmashtami I was in Kolkata. Like every year Param Pujyapad Bhakti Kumud Sant Goswami Maharaj came to our math during the festival for prasad and for speaking Harikatha. Climbing the first flight of steps, he sat on the cot next to Param Pujyapad Trivikram Maharaj in his room adjacent to the office room. Pujyapad Janardhan Maharaj indicated to me to inform Guru Maharaj about his arrival.

I ran and found Guru Maharaj in his room sitting on a chair and busy in his writing. When I whispered to him, he immediately got up leaving aside whatever he was doing and he told me, “If I do not haste now Srila Sant Maharaj will arrive here right away. I have to go to him.” With quick steps he climbed down the stairs and proceeded to Srila Sant Maharaj’s room. Guruji did shastanga dandavat pranams (prostrated obeisance) to him and stood with folded hands and in humble words spoke to him.

He did not sit before him, he remained standing giving due respects to him. When Pujyapad…

His Prayers on a Train Attacked By Dacoits

It is very clear by observing Guru Maharaj's activities that he has a great longing for helping to deliver the lost souls. Not just this, but also taking care of all responsibilities of the math, his careful and timely replies to all the devotee's letters, and writing articles for the Bangla Monthly magazine Sri Chaitanya Vani. Aside from that, his preaching programs took on high levels of sacrifice—in Punjab and other places, he was speaking Harikatha up to seven times in a day! What can all this be other than tolerance of his which is one of its kind.

Srila Guru Maharaj had taken me along with his preaching party to Assam and we were returning by Kamarupa Express to Kolkata. While nearing Bangla-Assam border, I heard from Sri Ananta Prabhu an instance of the previous year and was astonished. He said that this Assam-Bangla border is a deserted area and is very dangerous.

He added that if a train does not arrive at its scheduled time, dacoits enter in the trains and rob the …

He Considers Himself the Recipient of Darshan

When our mother was on the last stages of her life, doctors at Ludhiana had asked us to give up hope. We thought that now that Guruji is in Ludhiana, it is good if we take her for his darshan. We took her in the van to the temple. When we went up and spoke to Guru Maharaj about Mother he asked, “Can I get darshan of Mataji?”

We had brought our mother for Gurudev’s darshan but when Guruji spoke like this my head bowed down to his lotus feet seeing his humbleness. What more can be said about his compassion? He himself came down from the top floor to the ground floor to give darshan to Mataji. He chanted Narasimha mantra before her and gave tulasi leaf in her mouth and his blessings too. This way I saw Guruji’s boundless compassion and humility.

—Purushottam Das Sekhari, Ghanauli, Ropad (Punjab)

translated from Sri Krishna Chaitanya Sandesh, July-Oct, 1997

He Blesses Those Who Wait for More Service

After his North American tour, Guruji returned to Delhi on the 16th of July. There was a grand welcome for him in a spacious well-decorated assembly. Delhi’s respectable personalities were invited amongst whom was Sri Satish Chandra Khandelwal MLA Delhi and respectable Sri Ramamurthi Chief Justice of High Court, Delhi. On the 23rd of July Guruji left New Delhi for Kolkata.

Many devotees went to the Airport to see him off.  I also went. All devotees bade farewell to Guruji by Nama Sankirtan and then Guruji and one of his sevaks entered into the Entry gate. The flight was at 7 o’clock and Guruji entered at 6:10. By 6:30 half of the devotees left for math by their vehicles and half of the devotees remained there in case any service is needed before the flight takes off.

Suddenly around 6:40,  I saw Guruji standing at the entry gate of the Airport and looking at us with affectionate eyes and with a smiling face. We all ran and did pranams to him. Guruji was looking at us, blessing us by …

His Lifesaving Harikatha

Suchitara told that she was once in the math with her mother. That time her exams were also going on. Guruji asked her if she would sit for Harikatha before he was about to start speaking. She replied telling him she needed to go home to study for her exam. Again, Guruji said, "You should sit for katha."

So, then she and her mother both sat then. When they reached home, they saw that the neighbor's cylinder had exploded in a location that was attached to their own kitchen. They knew immediately that Guruji had been aware of this incident when he repeated for them to stay. They could understand that Guruji must have known and stopped them as a way of protecting them from injury.

—Sakshi Ratna (sent on behalf of Suchitara Sengupta)