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No Room for Conflict

Srila Gurudev always liked to be very prepared and often planned his lectures ahead of time and requested the name of the institution we are going to. He and I went to some strange places in Phoenix (Arizona, USA.) We went to wherever we could go, since not so many devotees lived there.

Once we went to some place called "Center for Expanding Consciousness."As he spoke on some verse of Gita, one lady held up her hand while He was giving commentary.

He stopped and said, "Yes, you have a question?"

She replied, "Well, I have Bhagavad Gita. I heard this verse many times, but it doesn't seem to me what you are telling me it means. What you are saying seems to have a different meaning."

He just said, "I am so happy that you are reading Bhagavad Gita," and smiled.

She sat down. There was no conflict, no room for it at all. People have different interpretations, but there is no argument. He has no sense of conflict, free of animosity, condescens…

His Grace Removes Lamentation

When I came to the maṭh first in the beginning, the love that I got from Śrīla Gurudev...  I'm not sure that anyone else has got, because I was such a small child when I came here.  
When I came to get Harinām from Gurudev, he asked, "What is your name? I told my name.

He said, "What is your father's name? and I told his name. Then he said, "Oh, you are the son of that devotee? You want to come to Delhi with me?"

Before Guru Mahārāj had finished giving me Harinām, as he was extending the mālā to me, he was telling me to come to Delhi with him. I was from Āgartalā, so I was missing my place, and I was weeping. I thought in my mind, Guru Mahārāj, it is very difficult for me to stay away from my family, so I will stay in Āgartalā maṭh and serve from there, I will not go anywhere else. The next morning Guru Mahārāj saw me.

I paid obeisances to Guru Mahārāj, and then he asked me, "Is your stomach okay?" I nodded my head yes.

Then he asked, …

Absolute Shelter of Guru Seva

Earlier, we used to have the math in a rented house at Rashbihari Avenue. Our Gurumaharaj used to call “Krishna Ballabh” always, and as soon as he was called, he would leave aside every other activity, including eating, to respond to him. In this way, he would serve Guru Maharaj. 
I still remember an incident that took place in front of me. One day, Maharaj needed to go to a government office at 11am. Pujyapad Keshav Prabhu and Jagamohan prabhu asked him where he was going.

He replied, "As per the order of Guru Maharaj, I am going to an office for some work."

"It is nearly 11 AM, time for the bhoga to be offered to Thakurji, You should take prasadam before leaving," they said.

“How can I take prasad before all of you take? Also, the time I need to be there in the office as per the order of Gurudev is approaching," Krishna Ballabh brahmachari said.

Despite his argument, they insisted him to eat prasad, and just to follow their order, he sat down and started taking…

92nd Vyasa Puja Photos

Dedication as Positive Renunciation

Once our Puri Math had won a court case. Param Gurudev and Guruji were in Guwahati. Param Gurudev told Guruji to go immediately to Jagannath Puri. He bought the ticket and was ready to leave right away.

He had a water bottle whose handle was broken. Guruji took a rope made of coir, tied it to the bottle and hung it on his shoulder.

When Param Gurudev saw this, he exclaimed, “You are traveling by air like this!”

He is such a renounced person that he never paid heed to the mundane world. Among all qualities of Guruji, his biggest quality is surrender towards Paramgurudev. Our Guruji was made acarya not only because he is educated, but because he is totally surrendered. Our Guruji never said anything other than his Gurudev’s words.

He always said, “I heard from my Gurudev like this” or “My Gurudev said such and such words.” He is always singing his glories.

He said, “My Gurudev has instructed me to only repeat the words of Guru, Vaishnav, and Scriptures wherever I go, and that I shoul…

Trusting in Sri Guru's Protection

After I joined math, I got a letter from my father. I asked Guru Maharaj if I can reply.

He said, "No. If you reply, you will go home. You will not be able to stay in Math."

My heart was floundering. After a few days, I got another letter. My mind got disturbed. I went to Guru Maharaj.

He said, "I told you already if you reply, you will not be able to stay here."
Some days later, about 32 - 34 persons from my village came there to Hazra Road (Kolkata) in search for me. I was sent by Guru Maharaj to another place. I did not understand the reason at the time. They searched for me, there but did not find me.

They made all the arrangements for my marriage. They wanted to take me and get married. Guruji asked one devotee to take me to the station. I was surprised why Guruji wanted me to go all of a sudden. If those persons had seen me, it would have been difficult for me.

—Gurudeva's words translated by Prahlad Das (2010)

Remembering His Revered Mother

I used to play daily in the veranda. One day I hit a stone and fell down. I could not breathe properly. There were many old women and grandmothers sitting a little far away. 
I was signaling them, but nobody came. All of the sudden, my mother came there somehow. She came towards me, but suddenly took a turn in another direction because she did not see me. 
Later she saw me and came to me running. Then she rubbed me and I could breathe properly after that. I understood that even if mother is far from the child she knows about him. 
Those who were close by did not come to me. I have seen this practically. That relation (mother-child) is very different. She was some where else, but somehow she knew that her child is in trouble. She came running and none of those who were sitting there came. There is a gulf of difference.


Our grandfather was our enemy (laughing). Whenever we used to play he used to come with a cane in his hand to beat us. One day all of my friends ran away but I could not r…

His Sweetness Can Only Be Found in a Pure Devotee

Sri Sri Guru Gaurangau Jayatah! Jaya Sri Sri Sita-Rama!
Your Holiness Srila Bhakti Ballabh Tirtha Maharaja, please accept my humble obeisances at your lotus feet on the auspicious occasion of your appearance.
It is with feelings of extreme affection and humility that I offer you my gratitude and eternal devotion, and, despite my lack of qualification, I want to express the happiness caused by the great mercy you have bestowed upon this fallen soul. How fortunate I feel that you have shown such compassion toward me. Your letters of instruction and encouragement are everything in the world to me. I live by your kind and valuable instructions; they are my life and soul. I read through your letters in your book, Affectionately Yours, and am able to find all the guidance necessary for a struggling living entity. You are the sadguru, rare in this world and the only true friend. What kind of person would not bow down to your lotus feet?
My heart is full of love, gratitude and feelings of bliss …

Perfectly Established in Real Humility

Guru Maharaj always said, "You are acting as a Guru because you are sitting in front of me, and that is forcing me to think about Mahaprabhu and speak. That is what my Guru Maharaj ordered, and you are facilitating that – this is Guru Karya. Guru Karya means the work of Guru which you are doing.” 
I also heard Guru Maharaj say on Ramnavami day that His Guru Maharaj said, "Shishyas also act as Guru, because they always observing the activities of their Guru, and sometimes their Guru may forget Anhik, so the shishya will tell Gurudev, It's Anhik time."
This was the first time I heard this kind of statement from someone on such a level. Basically for Gurudeva, humanity is not something that was purified, it was as natural as ego.  He was perfectly established, and he never feels himself as Gurudev. He always thinks of himself as a disciple of his Gurudeva. He has a lot of love towards his Gurudeva due to which he was performing all these lilas. 

—Rasabihari Das, Jammu

Leaving the Seat for Guruvarga

Gurudeva gave his full heart and mind to everything he did. He was very, very alert. I have seen so many times, whenever we used to do parikrama, Gurumaharaj was dancing and singing "Hari bol! Hari bol!" and suddenly Gurumaharaj stopped to do dandavat pranam in front of us and said, "One Vaishnav is coming."

If one Tridandi Swami was seen, even from afar, Gurumaharaj is seen bowing down.

There was one Ramnavami Vyasa Puja going on in Kolkata Library and Gurumaharj was sitting on the Vyasasan while we were observing puja.

Suddenly, he got up from there and did dandavat pranam because there was one senior godbrother, Damodar Maharaj from Krishnanagar, that had just entered. Seeing this, he left his vyasasan and stopped the puja.

Sant Goswami Maharaj always sat on a chair. Gurumaharaj would never sit on a chair in front of him, he sat on the floor. Whenever I have seen one Guruvarga entering Gurumaharaj’s room, Guru Maharaj always immediately got up.

—Rasabihari Das, J…

He Will Arrange Everything

When I was 30 years old, I started to feel a strong desire in my heart to meet a real sadhu. I wanted to meet a person who could answer all my questions. When this desire became very, very strong, everything started to happen like magic.

Two months ago, after diksa initiation from Gurudev, I came back to Russia and I was so worried how I will chant my diksa mantras, because I had job and I couldn't understand how to chant properly and work at the same time. In the morning, I had to go to the office. All day I was there, and it was not possible to do anhik midday. After working, the mind was so restless, it was very difficult to concentrate. I was so worried.
Kartik month was coming, and the year before during Kartik, I was in India. I wanted this experience again to do yam kirtans and to meet with Gurudev – and it was not possible.

Of course, Gurudev arranged everything. When I came back from India to the office, my boss told me that now the situation in the company is not so good…

No Fear, Gurudev is Here

I had some health issues recently.  When I came out of the emergency room, suddenly I became very, very alert.  
I answered the emergency doctors and said "I will come to have a checkup tomorrow."  As soon as I came out, I remembered Gurudev. I had a japa-mālā in my bag, and I took it out and began chanting. Though that was an emergency, I did not feel any fear.  
Gurudev has said, without Vaiṣṇavas' mercy, their remembrance cannot come.  So when Gurudeva's remembrance came, I felt that mercy was coming to me.
I was able to sleep, I was not feeling any fear or anything.  When I woke up, I immediately started chanting.  Gurudev was making me feel that he was with me at all times.

- Vishakha Dasi, Bangalore

His Special Blessing for a Mataji at Her Departure

My mother took Harinām from Gurudev. She fell ill during the last two or three years of her stay in this world. She was always speaking to Guru Mahārāj in er heart. Even though she was not in a position to do anything, whatever she had to do – go to the bathroom, eat, or whatever – she would only say,"Gurujī, Gurujī, Gurujī, Gurujī..."

My mother-in-law also often told me, "Guru Mahārāj will do so much good for me." Once, I heard that Guru Mahārāj came to New Delhi, so my wife and I went to the maṭh. I got a garland from him and took it back to my house and put it on my mother-in-law. She immediately left the body.

The next day, we took her to the crematorium, and Gurujī, with his own hands, sent a tulasī for her. She always wanted to serve Guru Mahārāj with a nice quilt, etc. Guru Mahārāj was pleased with her that she always wanted to do service, so Guru Mahārāj also assisted her in her last stages of life.

She told to Guru Mahārāj one time " I don't rem…

He Gives Bliss to Devotees Even in the Midst of Fearful Surroundings

Devotees from all over India had arrived at GNRC hospital in Guwahati after Gurudev was admitted there. There were many who did not worry about their job or family responsibilities and just left. We were very anxious and worried about Gurudev's health. That tension was seen on the faces of devotees and his sevak team.

Gurudev responded to each and every person who had come there. I had seen the line for Gurudev's darśan in the maṭh previously, and I was reminded of that when I saw the line in GNRC hospital. While we were waiting, we heard that Gurudev has come to external consciousness and is giving darśan.

I saw this as if Gurudev was reciprocating with the devotees who had come there. One devotee who had come from Bombay went in to have darśan and came out. His name was Bunty. He was so happy. He said that Gurudev's face was so bright. The darśan that he had was seen on his shining face. He was so happy.

Jyoti Mātājī was the next to have darśan. When she came out, she was…

You're Chanting?

The most important day of my life is when I got brahman diksa from Srila Gurudev. All the devotees were getting 5-10 minutes to talk with him, but because I lived nearby, I was asked by the sevaks, "What will you say? You get the chance to speak with him every day."

Yet, I thought this was my golden opportunity. When I finally went into the room, I just sat looking at Him. Guru Maharaj was first telling the methods of chanting the diksa mantras and I was completely mesmerized by his beauty. It was impossible for me to move my eyes from his face.

When Srila Gurudev starting chanting the mantra, I was not repeating after him.

"Say! You have to repeat after me."

Then, I started chanting after him. Again my mind was diverted to Gurudev's beautiful face, so I was just looking at him. He again chanted the second mantra and asked me to repeat it.

He said, "Say!" Then Guru Maharaj again chanted the mantras.

As I was busy looking at him, I asked him to please cha…

He Gave You the Mantras, Not Me

Diksa was the occasion when only you and Guru Mahārāj are there. He was giving the mantras and I was chanting. There were a few words that were repeated in many mantras. I was thinking, what is this word that is repeated in many mantras?

While he was speaking, Guru Mahārāj stopped and said, do you want to know what is the meaning of this word?

That was the first time I realized, that whatever is in your heart, Guru Mahārāj knows that exactly.

After the dīkṣā ceremony, Guru Mahārāj came out and was watering tulasī. Because I was pregnant, I was staying a little far, I didn't want to stay in the crowd. Guru Mahārāj smiled at me. Afterward, Guru Mahārāj came and spoke to me. I couldn't believe he was speaking to me, because I was standing away from others.

He said, “Did you get dīkṣā today?”

I said, “yes.”

“Did you get dīkṣā mantras?”

I said, “yes.”

He said, “Who has given you dīkṣā mantras?

I said, “I got them from you.”

He said, “no, no, no,” and pointed at Param Gurudev’s roo…

Guruji's Family

When I was working, Guru Mahārāj would be concerned and ask, "How do you manage?" He used to speak in Bengali and show all his concerns.
Now we are living near Guru Mahārāj. One day, a few months back, I was in a very low mood, thinking I am so far away from my parents, I need to see them.

My daughter Shāmbhogi said, “Why are you worried? You are near Guru Mahārāj, that is the only blessing you need!”

I was amazed that my daughter said that. When I come, I feel that I am visiting my family home, all my godbrothers are here, so I am not missing them so much.

-Kunti Devi Dasi, Kolkata

Special Protection from Sri Guru

I remember one instruction of Guruji to me. He wrote a letter to me in which he made an appeal: 
“You see! Sriman Bhakti Ballabh Tirtha Maharaj is the one on whom there is a lot of responsibility of Sree Chaitanya Gaudiya Math. If something happens to him, I am at a big loss. Therefore it is my order upon you to not leave him alone ever. Accompany him wherever he goes,” and Guruji underlined those lines in the letter.
– Srila Bhakti Saurabh Acharya Maharaj (2012)

Worshipable Forbearance

After the disappearance of Most Revered Bhakti Dayita Madhav Goswami Maharaj, Tirtha Maharaj had tolerated immense sufferings. Ignoring so many favorable and unfavorable circumstances, he kept on serving his Gurudeva. He is one of the bright stars of Sree Chaitanya Gaudiya Math. 

Srila Bhakti Ballabh Tirtha Goswami Maharaj is a shining example of how one should serve guru, how one should dedicate oneself in the services of math, and how one should serve Guru, Vaishnava, and Bhagavan amidst all difficulties, adversities, reproaches, and insults of the world. 
The tolerance he has exhibited is extremely rare 
to be seen in human beings. 
After disappearance of my Gurudev, I often would go to the math of my sannyas guru Nityalila pravistha Om Vishnupad Sri Srimad Bhakti Kumud Sant Goswsami Maharaj. I have seen many times the way in which he offers his obeisances to Srila Santa Goswami Maharaj. He would sit on the floor in front of him and never on an elevated seat. We still haven’t learnt th…

Faith in Supreme Lord as One's Only Maintainer

The staunch faith that Maharaj has in Sri Guru is to such a degree that is rarely seen. How one should follow the instruction of one's Gurudev is seen fully in Tirtha Maharaj.
Once, a young man came to our Kolkata math at Rasbihari Avenue and troubled Bhandari Prabhuji, a devotee who took care of the storehouse. He came after everyone took prasad in the afternoon and demanded that he be served immediately. He mentioned his whereabouts in Kolkata and told about how his family gives donation to the Math every month. 
Prabhuji told him that the prasad is over and he can come either in the night or the next day. But he demanded that he has to be served prasad right then and started abusing. Bhandari prabhu tried to make him understand, but he started debating. 
Tirtha Maharaj, who was secretary of our math at that time, heard the loud shouts, came out of his room and asked the matter, and the man continued shouting and complaining.

“You come to our house for donation, now we have come and…

Adored by the Entire Gaudiya Society

I was a child when I first came to Sree Chaitanya Gaudiya Math, Kolkata to take darsan of the deities. It was evening time when Param Pujyapada Madhav Goswami Maharaj was coming down with his tridanda to set out for Puri. Pujyapada Maharaj asked his servants to inquire about our whereabouts and the purpose of our visit. 
They gave our introduction to him. Pujyapad Maharaj said “Baba, I am going to Puri now. You should take some prasadam.” Pujyapada Tirtha Goswami Maharaj, who was a brahmachari that time, served us prasadam with his own hands. Though I was a child at that time, I still remember that incident even today.
In 1996, I was present with Tirtha Goswami Maharaj for the circumambulation of Vrajamandal for nearly 35 days. What ecstatic kirtan he sung!  What an extraordinary dance he performed! How efficient he was! His diligence and his powerful dance were all spellbinding.

He came to our Chaitanya ashram in Behala several times. He would smilingly say to me, “Yati Maharaj, I broug…

The Beauty in His Sublime Simplicity

Srila Bhakti Ballabh Tirtha Goswami Maharaj was firmly committed to carry out the orders of his Gurudeva and serve him. He never wavered from this oath. I realized this when I was offering service for the purpose of recovering the appearance place of Srila Prabhupada called Narayan Chata in 1973. 
In order to follow the instructions of our Gurudev, precisely to each and every single letter, he would tirelessly endeavor amidst hot sun, storm, and rain. One should learn how to serve Guru with complete dedication from him. He has followed this his entire life.
We went to many places with him for preaching activities. Some of us were his companions in the first preaching tour after the disappearance of our Guru Maharaj in February 1979. I was also present then. I went to many places with him for preaching purposes. 
I have not seen any parallel to him when it comes to singing kirtan with an intense absorption and steadfastness. His Harikatha used to be in a simple, lucid and simultaneously b…

Divine Feelings That Couldn't Be Understood

Our grandmother was a devotee. She would offer water to Tulsi, worshiping her daily. In the evening, there was Hari-luta where all of us would stand and clap. Sugar candies were distributed after the ceremony. 

All the children would gather and sing, 'Harir lute ... vahan....' and later water Tulsi. Chot-da would also attend, but he would be overcome with divine feelings, totally distinct  from the others. We could not understand his mood at that time.

-Smt. Gita Majumdar - Sister younger of Gurudeva by 12 years, became disciple in 1984.

His Mercy Towards Family Members

In his letters, he would ask me to chant Harinam. I used to give excuses saying that I am very busy in the morning - I have to take bath, get ready for school, and study.

When we were together in Barrackpore he would say, "Sit here. Close your eyes and chant the Lord's name."

After closing my eyes, I would think of everything other than the Lord. I did not understand the significance then.

So, he would make me chant everyday and then say, "Take bath now, take food and get ready for school."

Later he wrote letters asking me to chant Krishna's one hundred names - Jai Jai Govinda, Gopal, Gadadhar - everyday.

When I wrote a letter expressing my incapability to chant everyday due to many other engagements he would reply:

"You are able to do all other things, it is good. But you are not able to chant Harinam, this is not good. You should chant the Lord's name first thing every day."

—Smt. Gita Majumdar - Sister younger by 12 years. Became disciple i…

Utmost Respect for Elders

Among the brothers and sisters, Maharaj was of a completely different nature right from his birth. He used to be absorbed in divine feelings, limited in speaking, simple, gentle, grave, straightforward, detached from material objects, and had no interest in material enjoyment. It could be easily understood from his activities that he is not a person of this material world.

He would never argue with elders. Even if he was not at fault, he would not show any disagreement with them. He would quietly listen to their chastisement. In this manner, he was highly obedient and devoted to the elderly. He was also equally affectionate and caring for the younger kids; he would guide us and correct our mistakes immediately.

The elders said he would quietly listen. He would neither speak in a raised voice nor raise his head in front of them. His head was always down while speaking to them. Not just that, he would not tolerate anybody disrespecting elders. He would immediately discipline us whenever …

Gurudeva Leaves Home

On the day he left our house – I remember even now – I was a little girl, standing on one side of a room in our house in Barrackpore. He had a bundle in his hand that I thought was maybe clothes. My father asked where he was going and in reply he said that he was going to a friend's house and that he would benefit greatly from him. None of us could understand that he was indicating the spiritual benefit. That is how he left the house.

We did not know at that point that he left the house with no intention of returning. We thought that he went to his friend's house and would return soon. For many days he did not come. We searched for him everywhere, but in vain. We inquired from all our relatives and friends in Kolkata, but we could not find him.
Then my father said that in Goalpara there is a clerk, Radhamohan, who is a devotee, and that Maharaj used to discuss with him frequently. We thought we could get to know about him from people in Goalpara. We came to know from Radhamoha…

Abandoning the Pleasure Trip and Entering Into Trance

Guru Maharaj was ten years old in 1934 when my eldest aunt got married. The new groom and bride came for a picnic to Goalpara. There were two site seeing places - the mountain and the riverside. All the children in the family joined the newly wedded couple for the pleasure trip and Guru Maharaj also went along. 

All of them climbed the mountain, and as they reached the higher spots, they found many forest flowers. Everybody, including Guru Maharaj, picked the flowers. After some more distance, Guru Maharaj told that he'll go back home. He gave some reason. One person from the group accompanied him up to a distance, and from there he went back home by himself. 

When all of them returned home from the pleasure trip, they saw their house surrounded by many local persons. They waded through the crowd and entered the house wondering what had happened. Then they saw Maharaj sitting on the lap of our grandfather, his eyes filled with tears. 

When they asked what happened, they were informed…

Skipping Meals So He Could Keep Reading

While he was pursuing an M. A. in Philosophy from Kolkata University, Maharaj (Kamahya Charan) used to go directly to the library after class. I heard from my father that Maharaj would carry sprouted chickpeas from the house. 

He used to read in the library for hours and hours with undivided attention. Such unwavering focus captured the attention of the librarian and others. When they would inquire as to what he was reading, he would simply show which book, and when they inquired about what he eats, he would open his palm and show the sprouted chickpeas. He would never speak unnecessarily.
—Arindam Guharoy,  son of Gurudeva's younger brother who became a disciple in 2007.

"The Only Naughty Thing I Have Done"

Once we asked Guru Maharaj if he has done anything naughty in his boyhood. 

Guru Maharaj told, When I was in Guwahati College, I used to go with the boys to an orchard and we plucked fruits and ate. One day the keeper caught us and told, "Eat how much ever you want, but don't take them away." 
Guruji told, "That's the only naughty thing I have done."
- Prem Chand Prabhu, UK

No Fruit for the Greedy

Our Goalpara house was a very big compound and there were many mango, guava, jackfruit and other trees inside. We were all young kids and would play there together. One such time our brother brought a nicely ripened guava.
All of us stopped playing and shouted, "Chot-da, Chot-da, I want it. I want it." 
He held the guava high in the air and told, "I'll give this to the one who has the longest tongue."
All of us opened our mouths and tried to extend the tongue, "eh... eh..." He saw everyone's tongues and gave the guava to my uncle's son whose tongue was very small.

He told, "He has no greed. He deserves it." 

Then I thought, "Oh! Why did I extend my tongue so much?"

—Smt. Gita Majumdar (younger sister of Srila Gurudev. Became a disciple in 1984.)

That Arati is Not for Me

Once Param Pujyapad Srimad Bhakti Ballabh Tirtha Goswami Maharaj came to our ashram in Haridwar with 500 Punjab devotees. Starting from Har ki Pauri, Maharaj came to our ashram dancing and singing in kirtan.

As I was about to do his aarti, he stopped me and told, “You should do Guruji's aarti, not mine.”

I told him “You are also Guru. Ontologically Guru is one, and Param Gurudev Bhakti Dayita Madhav Goswami Maharaj has whole-heartedly established you as an acharya. He has his complete mercy on you and thus coronate you as Guru. So whose aarti should I do other than yours?”

He told, “No. Perform arati to the portrait of our Gurudev.”

He took the lamp from my hand and started doing Guruji's aarti. I saw then his total dedication to Guruji. According to me, Paramgurudev Srimad Bhakti Dayita Madhav Goswami Maharaj and Param Pujyapad Bhakti Ballabh Tirtha Goswami Maharaj are non-different. They came together to this world from the spiritual plane.
- Srila Bhakti Vedanta Sagar Maha…

His Loving Remembrance of Every Service

In 2013, Guru Maharaj stayed in Goalpara for a few months while construction was going on. One family person came to Guru Maharaj whom I had never seen before. He stood in front while Guru Maharaj was overseeing the construction that had been taking place there.

I said, "Prabhuji, just stay to the side – after a short time, you can see Guru Maharaj."

When I spoke, Guru Maharaj turned towards us and said, “Arrey! When did you come?”

Guru Maharaj began caressing him. Although his age was in his fifties, Guru Maharaj showed him so much affection and he could not stop crying like a child.

Guru Maharaj told us later that he had been a brahmachari previously and had rendered so much service. At this time, Guru Maharaj was 89 or 90, an age that ordinary people have so much trouble remembering things, but he remembered that person's small service from so long ago.

Any little service one performs, Guru Maharaj loves that person so much. He never forgets it. That prabhu could not s…

His Perfect Example of a Disciple's Surrender to Sri Guru

One must surrender to a person who is the most generous, magnanimous, merciful, and affectionate – closer than any mother or father you could think of.

We got Harinām from such a guru who is both spiritually and materially very well-conducted throughout his life. For this reason, he has got tons of mercy from so many associates of Srila Bhaktisiddhanta Sarasvati Thakur. It wasn't just that they gave mercy, but they were so happy to be in his company.

He had so much service mood, he was always ready to carry out any order. He never thought, "Yes, I have done enough." At any time, even in the middle of the night, he was always ready.

Śrīla Gurudev would not only consistently perform activities slowly, but he would also always say all the names of the āchāryas of our line. He would say all the names with so much feeling, very carefully. He was standing before me but I could see that he was in a completely different realm. Śrīla Bhakti Rakṣak Śrīdhar Dev Goswāmī Mahārāj us…

Śrīla Purī Goswāmī Mahārāj's Letter of Blessing to Preach Abroad

All Glory to Sree Guru & Gauranga Sree Gopinath Gaudiya Math Regd. Under Act XXVI of 1961 (W.B.)
Ishodyan, P.O. Sree Mayapur Dist. Nadia (West Bengal) Pin: 741313 India
Object of my affection (Bhakti Ballabh Tīrtha) Mahārāj,
You are the son of my Godbrother Pūjyapād Mādhav Mahārāj, endowed with his affection, so I am also sending you affectionate greetings.  I felt extremely pleased upon learning of your preaching program. Śrīla Prabhupād is Śrīman Mahāprabhu's associate and Pūjyapād Mādhav Mahārāj is Śrīla Prabhupād's own person; the recipient of his extreme affection. Likewise, you are the manifestation of Pūjyapād Mādhav Mahārāj's affection. By the strength of the mercy of Śrī Śrī Guru & Gaurāṅga, even at this advanced age, you are making the impossible happen.  
The direct evidence of Śrī Śrī Jagannāth Dev's extreme mercy upon Pūjyapād Mādhav Mahārāj is shining forth in Purī Dhām.  He constructed an elevated temple in my most worshipable Śrīla Prabhupād’s…

His Deity Form

Śrīla Tīrtha Mahārāj is still present among us while playing a līlā (pastime). Although some say he is unwell, I disagree. Those who are afflicted by illness cannot remain peaceful and quiet. The disease itself will make them cry out, “Aah, ooh, eeh, aah,” and their faces lose their luster. This is not seen in Mahārāj.  Do you see how beautiful he is?  His radiance is blissful – mukhaṁ prasannaṁ vimalācha dṛṣṭiḥ (1) — a “pleased face, soft clear gaze”. Whereas those who are afflicted cry out, "Aah! Eeh!", and their eyes reflect their suffering.

Though omnipotent, Bhagavān localizes Himself as the Deity in order to accept service in order to bestow auspiciousness upon his servitors. In the Deity form, Bhagavān says, “If you want to feed Me, then feed Me. If you don’t want to feed Me, then don’t. Whatever kinds or quality of food you feed Me, I will eat.” 

He does not complain whether they offer Him food or not, whether they serve Him properly or not. Mahārāj has now reached tha…