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His Vision of Sri Krishna Residing in The Hearts of All

During Vraj Mandal Parikrama Guruji was residing at Room No 7 of Guest House at Vrindavan Math. The incident happened many years ago. All rooms in the Math were jam-packed with pilgrims. Two dharmasalas (booked by the Math) were also full.

Suddenly Prahlad Prabhu (of Delhi)  arrived along with his wife. Guru Maharaj wanted to put them up in the Math itself. He started gathering his things to vacate his room for their stay. I remember Guruji saying, “Prahlad Prabhu has done lot of service to our Guru Maharaj. If we do not give him space to stay in the Math it will amount to aparadh. What for me? I can stay in the room of (Sree Bhakti Prasad) Puri Maharaj.”

Guruji’s such conduct astonished me. Acharya Deva of such big maths and so much humbleness! So much regard for one’s god-brothers! Finally some of Guruji’s disciples on pilgrim immediately vacated a room and transported Prahlad Prabhu’s luggage to that room. After seeing the arrangements for Prahlad Prabhu’s stay, Gur…

He Bore All Discomforts Undisturbed

Some 10-20 years back during Vraj Mandal parikrama in Kamyavan, instead of making arrangements for Srila Guru Maharaj’s stay at Sri Gopal Mandir, he was put up in the first floor of Sri Jagannath Mandir in a small corner room. It had a low roof with no fan and also no window or any opening for breeze to enter in.

Early morning I went to his room to offer him pranams, I found him sitting using a hand fan to fan himself. I learnt from him that the whole night he spent like that sitting and using the hand fan and also that he could not sleep the entire night. He is the highest authority of so many big big maths but enduring this sort of discomfort! Yet there was no sign anxiety on his face. A patient smile adorned his lotus face.

There are many such instances where Srila Guru Maharaj patiently bore all the physical and mental discomforts. Whether in Simla on the bed full of bed-bugs or in Dehradun in a cot full of mosquitoes, he remained undisturbed.

I have seen him walk baref…

His Ecstasy During Bhajans in Sri Vraja Dham

Some 10-12 years ago,  I had got the good fortune of participating in the month-long Vraj Mandal parikrama.  With my own eyes, I saw the place where Lord Sri Krishna had taken food along with his cowherd friends, imprints of bowls, spoons and plates are still found there.

While speaking harikatha at that place, Guru Maharaj went into ecstatic feelings and started singing kirtan, Yashomati stanyapayi Sri Nandanandan, Indranilamani vraja janer jivan...!After singing some 3 stanzas, he could not do further.Overwhelmed by divine feelings, he started crying so much that even after 20-25 minutes he could not control himself.

I signaled to Sripad Kuldeep Prabhu to put the tape-recorder in front of Guruji.Once when he placed it in front, Srila Gurudev’s hand movements pushed it behind.I did not get the courage to ask him the second time.I somehow managed to push the tape recorder in front myself and got the cassette recording.I still have that cassette with me.Such wonderful pastimes cannot …

His Disciples Perform Parikram to Recieve His Mercy

My wife, Smt. Shanta Gupta and I were feeling the necessity of Sadguru for nearly 24 years before we finally took Sri Harinam Mahamantra and diksha.

We used to live in Government Quarters at Simla’s Nabha House area which is near Railway Station. There is one Sri Radha Gopinath temple there and the saints and speakers of Harikatha continually came there. Though many people accepted guru mantra from them and we also desired to take, it did not materialize.

Time passed by and there was pain in the heart that we did not take guru mantra. Sometimes there used to be arguments between us when one would insist on taking guru mantra from one saint and the other disagreeing.

In 1993, by the desire of Sri Hari, we got an opportunity to go for 84 Kros Vraj mandal parikrama in the Kartik month. On reaching Sri Mathura dham, the first thing we did was to have darshan of one saint in a room of dharmashala and seeing others offer shastang dandavat pranams we also offered dandavat pranams.

His Harinam Sankirtan Amazes Anyone Who Hears It

We can see Srila Gurudeva's strong faith in Sri Harinam Sankirtan, which is non-different from the deity form of Lord. He does every service of the Supreme Lord with Sri Nama Sankirtan. I have seen him engrossed in Sri Nama Sankirtan uninterrupted for hours together.

Performing Nama Sankirtan, he would go heart and soul into it and then ecstatic feelings of an exclusive devotee manifest in him. His sankirtan is always filled with divine ecstasies.

Param Pujyapad Puri Goswami Maharaj has said about him, “Even though he is in his advanced age there is no one like him who performs kirtans with such high tone accompanied by dance jumping so high up in the air.”

Tridandi sanyassis from various maths who participated in the Vraj Mandal parikrama of 1996 were taken by surprise when they heard Guru Maharaj’s nama sankirtan and Harikathas. Completely amazed, they even told me “O Prabhu, we have never seen this kind of Acharya who himself performs nama-sankirtan repeatedly and at ev…

He Sees All As Vrajvasis

Several years ago, Guru Maharaj was traveling to Bhatinda from New Delhi for a religious assembly. The train that was scheduled to reach Bhatinda at 7pm reached at about 1am, late by 6 hours. It was double the discomfort due to the delay in the train’s start time in Delhi and later reaching so late in the night. I saw that the whole preaching party was disturbed due to hunger and tiredness and troubles on the way. Yet Guruji’s face was adorned with that all familiar smile.

Reaching Kundanlal dharmashala, all were anxious to unwind and rest in their allotted places. Many did not even have prasad and went straight to rest. Inadvertently we had committed a great mistake. The arrangement for prasad made was oily, spicy and rich food. No vegetables like papaya, raw banana, cucumber etc was cooked for Guruji, nor were raw vegetables kept available in stock.

When Guruji’s sevak came to fetch prasad for Guruji, there was nothing available and suitable other than plain rice to offer to Gu…

His Vision Of Pain As Mercy

The most difficult part of Vraja Mandal parikrama is Kamyavan where on every step, sharp thorns would prick.  Guruji was least disturbed whereas I, walking by his side, was in a very bad condition.  

Seeing my state he told – we do not want to take the holy dust of Vraja, but Lord is very merciful.  He mercifully, through thorns, is sending Vraja raj (holy dust of Vraj) into our bloodstream.  

This type of vision is an indication of his transcendental quality of tolerance.  In any difficult situation, he experiences the Lord’s compassion, which a conditioned soul of this world can never think of.

—Translated from Sri Krishna Chaitanya Sandesh July-Oct, 1997 (Year 17, Issue No.4, Page 27-39) Sri Krishnananda Dasadhikari (Kuldeep Chopra, Bhatinda)