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It is By Krishna's Desire That He Enters a House

In late June 2002, this Vaisnava Thakur came to this house of mine without any pre-planning, giving us just about two days notice. I was in London on business when I got this call from Singapore asking if we could receive him on about the 25th. I was aware of Maharaj but just barely because I had been to Sri Chaitanya Gaudiya Math and stayed a couple of times in the mid 1990s; in fact my first darshan of HDG Srila Bhaki Pramode Puri Goswami Maharaj was at that math but HDG Srila Bhakti Ballabh Tirtha Maharaj was not there each time. 

Since I couldn't be back until the following day, the 26th, I called my wife Gopini to ask her if she could receive him. She was ever ready and made necessary arrangements with maybe 10 devotees, mostly family members. Maharaj and his party were staying at Sri Laxmi Narayan Temple. My son Radharaman went to fetch them. It was a long and rather wild drive through undeveloped kampong (Malaysian village) that got Maharaj wondering where Krishna was taking him, almost through a jungle, as he narrated to me the next day. 

On arrival, as he entered the altar room and saw the picture of Srila Bhakti Raksaka Sridhara Maharaj, he exclaimed: "Srila Guru Maharaj is here!" and offered pranams unto him. He then approached the altar and wondered: "Sri Sri Radha Krishna are not here?"

Kirtan was performed downstairs at the car park. It seems even his own disciples were surprised by the energy and enthusiasm of Srila Maharaj's dancing and singing under a very unexciting environment with novice devotees in attendance who couldn't keep up with him. Srila Maharaj must have had other divine souls joining him in his kirtan to enthuse him to such an extent to surprise his own disciples who are used to his kirtan levels.

Next day upon arrival from London, Radharaman drove me to have his darshan. He was supposed to visit Singapore but since his visa was not granted, hasty arrangements were made to divert Maharaj to Malaysia. And a hasty call to me to see if we could arrange some program.

Maharaj told me that this was entirely Krishna's desire to send him here and to my house. Indeed. I would realize the import of this statement of Maharaj only some weeks/months after Maharaj left. 

Until today I am in wonder at Krishna's mercy to despatch his beloved servitor to our humble and I mean humble house.

A week after Maharaj left, the first of my serious business troubles began and have continued unabated adding health, family and all manner of problems until today even after 15 years, literally stripping me of my seva, heaping insults upon injury to my person and pride, often feeling stranded and helpless. Maybe it is another indication why I was not fortunate to be present to directly receive Maharaj into my house temple.

At some point, even before I knew how much more I had to undergo ahead of me, I realized how merciful Krishna is, sending His most beloved representative on earth to my house just as an assurance that no matter how many hits I had to undergo, He is still present, watchful and protective over me.

 —Ramatanuja Das, Malaysia  (he and his family are disciples of Srila B. R.Sridhar Maharaj)

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