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His Incredible Forbearance

There is no doubt that our Most Merciful Srila Gurudev is an embodiment of patience, but we had the real experience of it when there was once a General Meeting held in Kolkata. There I happened to read the false accusations made upon Srila Gurudev by two vaishnavas who had filed them in the court. I was surprised to see the serious and baseless accusations that so extremely attacked  His character. 
Reading those accusations, I had felt great anger and also was surprised as to with what thoughts and intentions such senior vaishnavas did this. In the assembly, all household vaishnavas expressing their mind let out their anger and pacified themselves. Srila Gurudev did not consider it appropriate to speak anything against anyone and only said that whatever Guruji and Supreme Lord does is all-good. I was astonished seeing this extreme forbearance.
—Sri Vishvambhar Das (B. L. Chotani), Manasa 
Translated from Sri Krishna Chaitanya Sandesh July-Oct, 1997 (Year 17, Issue No.4, Page 47-49) 

His Renunciation of Worldly Security

It was during the annual function at Chandigarh in the year 1978, one day in the morning at 9 AM Sri S D Bhambari who was the chief secretary of Haryana State came to our math along with few visitors and his colleagues to meet our Gurudev Srila Bhakti Dayita Madhav Goswami Maharaj.I was also present at that time in the meeting.
While conversing with Guruji, Sri Bhambari discussed on various matters in general and later on about his official postings in his job.Guruji replied, “My Tirtha (addressing Srila Bhakti Ballabh Tirtha Goswami Maharaj) also had a government job and he would have excelled in his job by now.”

Then Guruji related the entire story of how by following his advice Srila Tirtha Goswami Maharaj had chosen to join math in place of a lucrative posting in a Government Department, by giving up his home and all his relatives.

I had just taken shelter of Srila Gurudev and was new to the math, so I could not immediately understand these intricate details. But today when I rec…

His Self Sacrifice in Bestowing the Mercy of the Holy Name

I had never seen Guruji lose his temper. To even an ineligible fallen disciple like me, Guruji inspires me to become good through his love and affection, just like Sri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu did. Most of the time, Guruji would not get to eat and take rest at night, but we have never seen Guruji is disturbed because of that.

Many times he had no time for rest also. One would find him all the time engaged in loving conversations with any person, disciple or householder devotee who came to meet him without bothering about his own needs, body, or health. Whenever someone prayerfully requested to Guruji that he needed to take rest, and how essential that was, he would always say that it would be good if life air leaves the body while speaking Harikatha. He would further say that it is good that people always engage him in speaking Harikatha.

It was like this for Harinam, Sankirtan, and during prachar, Guruji went from village to village, town to town, and bore various types of difficulties. …

His Bhakta Vatsalya

One time during a Harikatha in Kolkata Math, Gurudev expressed his great concern about devotees who had a desire to visit the zoological park at Kolkata when they came there.

His concern was really palpable when he said, "You go there to see the lions and tigers, but if you suffer a heart attack and die there out of fear hearing just one roar from one of them in close quarters, you may be born as a tiger or a lion next because your last thoughts were of them!"

By Gurudev's grace we see a lesson He is conveying to us, i.e. though death of the body is certain and I have no control over the date, time, place and circumstances of death, but I still have a choice to choose how I live now and so, let me only aspire and pray to live a devotional life in the association of pure devotees of the Lord.

I found myself pondering on the words of Gurudev and could not get it off my mind easily. More thinking made me realize that Gurudev's concern was not like an ordinary mothe…

He Was in Everyone's Hearts as They Sang

Gaursundar Prabhu was there in Guwahati hospital, and he started doing kirtan for the first time. There was space near the hospital, and the arrangement was such that Gurudev was moved to another separate room. It was near an empty building next to the hospital. Gaurasundar Prabhu started doing kirtan there and the sound of kirtan went directly to Guru Maharaj's room. That was his arrangement.

Muni Maharaj was there and he sang, Sri Krishna Chaitanya Prabhu, doya koro more. I still remember the mood with which he sang. That time, moods of material discomforts, they all disappeared. Everyone was filled with deep feelings for Gurudev, and with that mood they sang. Everybody had Gurudev in their mind, in their heart. The full mood was with Gurudev.

Being a part of that kirtan, was really a different experience. That time I took a snap just to remember that, I still have that snap. It was altogether a different atmosphere that time.

Then the kirtan started regularly for th…

He Will Never Take a Seat Higher Than Guru Varga

Our Guru Maharaj is the incarnate form of Sriman Mahaprabhu’s 3rd sloka of Sri Sikshastakam amanina manadena, not expecting respect for oneself but at the same time giving due respects to others, and this mood of his is unparalleled. Not a trace of desire of respect for himself. We can personally observe these qualities of Guru Maharaj in his day-to-day activities.

In Sri Dham Mayapur, ISKCON’s Sri Jayapataka Maharaj submitted to Guruji saying, “Maharaj, you take many devotees to several places during Parikrama while performing sankirtans. So, please come to our place as well.” Guruji accepted his submission.

One day Guruji was taking devotees along in Nagar Sankirtan and arrived at Sri Krishna Chandrodaya mandir. Sri Jayapataka Maharaj and math’s other sanyassis and brahmacharis gave a warm welcome to Guruji at the main gate. They expressed great joy on the arrival of Guru Maharaj and blissfully joined the sankirtan.

With great respect, Guruji was lead to the Satsang Hall. W…

His Loving Protection

I sometimes remember the olden days pastimes of Guru Maharaj when he was sitting alone. In 1993, when I was a pujari in Dehra Dun, I saw the early morning cold weather and severe Winter there. Guru Maharaj gave me warm clothes with his own hands. Feeling the cold winds, he also offered carpets and mats. He took care of me like a mother.

Another memory is when I traveled with Guru Maharaj in trains many times. Guru Maharaj used to be always calm and composed and used to even joke. Yet, once I saw his angry mood like Narasimhade when coming back from Assam to Kolkata.

At Kolkata station, the taxi drivers were hurrying them to keep their luggage in the carrier.  Guru Maharaj got angry seeing them giving trouble to the devotees.  

That time he manifested that Narasimha form, an angry mood came and he put down his danda and said, "What are you doing?  What do you think about Chaitanya Gaudiya Math!  These are devotees of Chaitanya Gaudiya Math!"

All were stunned to see this mood of…

Eternally Grateful for His Love and Affection

I was supremely fortunate to have had your association in Sridham Mayapur during Kartik time. Your undeserved remembrance of me and warm affection will forever remain in my memory. I am also eternally grateful for the love and affection that you have shown toward my mother and other family members. You are a greatly munificent and compassionate soul---a genuine representative of the Supreme Lord in a world riddled with hypocrisy and dishonesty.

Each day, here in the West, I am confronted with such a lack of interest in the truly meaningful things in life, and an ever-burgeoning indifference or resentment toward God and His Eternal Servitors.

However, this only serves, by contrast, to make me realise the greatness and unique position of a pure devotee such as yourself, and my good fortune to have been rescued by you from a similar fate. I am forever indebted to you, and Their Lordships Sri Sri Radha-Nayananatha who brought me to you so many years ago in Kolkata.

You will always remain…

Sri Guru Varga Proclaims Him as a Personal Associate of the Lord

On one occasion we were performing Vraja Mandal parikrama with our Guru Maharaj. When parikrama reached Brahmanda Ghat, Guru Maharaj declared that Krishna Ballabh* is the future acharya. This is at the time when Maharaj had not even got sannyas.

 Also during his manifest pastimes, Guru Maharaj had given a letter to Pujyapad Jagamohan Prabhu wherein he had written that after his departure Tirtha Maharaj will be the Acharya. I see Guru Maharaj’s full grace is upon Maharaj. From beginning to date I have observed from his conduct that he has never anytime criticized anybody before others. His life is always so pure, without a blemish.

A long time ago someone in Assam asked Guru Maharaj that at present preaching is going on well but in future what will happen to the math. I personally heard Guru Maharaj reply that there is no cause for worry, and that after him the preaching will be more widespread.

Today it can be seen that Guruji’s desire is being fulfilled. The way in which th…

His Vision of Sri Krishna Residing in The Hearts of All

During Vraj Mandal Parikrama Guruji was residing at Room No 7 of Guest House at Vrindavan Math. The incident happened many years ago. All rooms in the Math were jam-packed with pilgrims. Two dharmasalas (booked by the Math) were also full.

Suddenly Prahlad Prabhu (of Delhi)  arrived along with his wife. Guru Maharaj wanted to put them up in the Math itself. He started gathering his things to vacate his room for their stay. I remember Guruji saying, “Prahlad Prabhu has done lot of service to our Guru Maharaj. If we do not give him space to stay in the Math it will amount to aparadh. What for me? I can stay in the room of (Sree Bhakti Prasad) Puri Maharaj.”

Guruji’s such conduct astonished me. Acharya Deva of such big maths and so much humbleness! So much regard for one’s god-brothers! Finally some of Guruji’s disciples on pilgrim immediately vacated a room and transported Prahlad Prabhu’s luggage to that room. After seeing the arrangements for Prahlad Prabhu’s stay, Gur…

He Bore All Discomforts Undisturbed

Some 10-20 years back during Vraj Mandal parikrama in Kamyavan, instead of making arrangements for Srila Guru Maharaj’s stay at Sri Gopal Mandir, he was put up in the first floor of Sri Jagannath Mandir in a small corner room. It had a low roof with no fan and also no window or any opening for breeze to enter in.

Early morning I went to his room to offer him pranams, I found him sitting using a hand fan to fan himself. I learnt from him that the whole night he spent like that sitting and using the hand fan and also that he could not sleep the entire night. He is the highest authority of so many big big maths but enduring this sort of discomfort! Yet there was no sign anxiety on his face. A patient smile adorned his lotus face.

There are many such instances where Srila Guru Maharaj patiently bore all the physical and mental discomforts. Whether in Simla on the bed full of bed-bugs or in Dehradun in a cot full of mosquitoes, he remained undisturbed.

I have seen him walk baref…

His Ecstasy During Bhajans in Sri Vraja Dham

Some 10-12 years ago,  I had got the good fortune of participating in the month long Vraj Mandal parikrama.  With my own eyes, I saw the place where Lord Sri Krishna had taken food along with his cowherd friends, imprints of bowls, spoons and plates are still found there.

While speaking harikatha at that place, Guru Maharaj went into ecstatic feelings and started singing kirtan, Yashomati stanyapayi Sri Nandanandan, Indranilamani vraja janer jivan...!After singing some 3 stanzas, he could not do further.Overwhelmed by divine feelings, he started crying so much that even after 20-25 minutes he could not control himself.

I signaled to Sripad Kuldeep Prabhu to put the tape-recorder in front of Guruji.Once when he placed it in front, Srila Gurudev’s hand movements pushed it behind.I did not get the courage to ask him the second time.I somehow managed to push the tape recorder in front myself and got the cassette recording.I still have that cassette with me.Such wonderful pastimes cannot …

His Disciples Perform Parikram to Recieve His Mercy

My wife, Smt. Shanta Gupta and I were feeling the necessity of Sadguru for nearly 24 years before we finally took Sri Harinam Mahamantra and diksha.

We used to live in Government Quarters at Simla’s Nabha House area which is near Railway Station. There is one Sri Radha Gopinath temple there and the saints and speakers of Harikatha continually came there.hough many people accepted guru mantra from them and we also desired to take, it did not materialize.

Time passed by and there was pain in the heart that we did not take guru mantra.Sometimes there used to be arguments between us when one would insist on taking guru mantra from one saint and the other disagreeing.
In 1993, by the desire of Sri Hari, we got an opportunity to go for 84 Kros Vraj mandal parikrama in the Kartik month.On reaching Sri Mathura dham, the first thing we did was to have darshan of one saint in a room of dharmashala and seeing others offer shastang dandavat pranams we also offered dandavat pranams.

When we sat there…

When He Gave a Dog His Foot Dust

In Sridham Maypur during Kartik month’s regulative service, one day early morning around 3.30-4am, Guru Maharaj came out of his room. On the steps outside the room a dog was sleeping. As it was still dark, the dog was not visible. Gurudev’s step fell on the dog, and due to sudden loss of balance, Gurudev had a bad fall. I was washing hands at a tap just in front of him. I clearly saw Guruji fall down.

I ran to him and even before I reached, Gurudev had managed to get up. His foot was badly hurt. Suddenly the foot was swollen and it was difficult to take even a single step. I still have that vision in front of my eyes. Later inside the room when doctor was trying to apply the medicine, he was undergoing so much pain that even a little touch would increase the pain. I saw Guruji bear that pain quietly.

I was even more astonished when I saw Guruji came to attend Damodar Vrata’s regulated services as usual. By night, the foot was so swollen that he could not sit folding his…

His Harinam Sankirtan Amazes Anyone Who Hears It

We can see Srila Gurudeva's strong faith in Sri Harinam Sankirtan, which is non-different from the deity form of Lord. He does every service of the Supreme Lord with Sri Nama Sankirtan. I have seen him engrossed in Sri Nama Sankirtan uninterrupted for hours together.

Performing Nama Sankirtan, he would go heart and soul into it and then ecstatic feelings of an exclusive devotee manifest in him. His sankirtan is always filled with divine ecstasies. Param

Pujyapad Puri Goswami Maharaj has said about him, “Even though he is in his advanced age there is no one like him who performs kirtans with such high tone accompanied by dance jumping so high up in the air.”

Tridandi sanyassis from various maths who participated in the Vraj Mandal parikrama of 1996 were taken by surprise when they heard Guru Maharaj’s nama sankirtan and Harikathas. Completely amazed, they even told me “O Prabhu, we have never seen this kind of Acharya who himself performs nama-sankirtan repeatedly and at…

He Sees All As Vrajvasis

Several years ago, Guru Maharaj was traveling to Bhatinda from New Delhi for a religious assembly. The train that was scheduled to reach Bhatinda at 7pm reached at about 1am, late by 6 hours. It was double the discomfort due to the delay in the train’s start time at Delhi and later reaching so late in the night. I saw that the whole preaching party was disturbed due to hunger and tiredness and troubles on the way. Yet Guruji’s face was adorned with that all familiar smile.

Reaching Kundanlal dharmashala, all were anxious to unwind and rest in their allotted places. Many did not even have prasad and went straight to rest. Inadvertently we had committed a great mistake. The arrangement for prasad made was oily, spicy and rich food. No vegetables like papaya, raw banana, cucumber etc was cooked for Guruji, nor were raw vegetables kept available in stock.

When Guruji’s sevak came to fetch prasad for Guruji, there was nothing available and suitable other than plain rice to offer to Gu…

His Vision Of Pain As Mercy

The most difficult part of Vraja Mandal parikrama is Kamyavan where on every step, sharp thorns would prick.  Guruji was least disturbed whereas I, walking by his side, was in a very bad condition.  

Seeing my state he told – we do not want to take the holy dust of Vraja, but Lord is very merciful.  He mercifully, through thorns, is sending Vraja raj (holy dust of Vraj) into our blood stream.  

This type of vision is an indication of his transcendental quality of tolerance.  In any difficult situation he experiences Lord’s compassion, which a conditioned soul of this world can never think of.

—Translated from Sri Krishna Chaitanya Sandesh July-Oct, 1997 (Year 17, Issue No.4, Page 27-39) Sri Krishnananda Dasadhikari (Kuldeep Chopra, Bhatinda)

He Takes All Blame Upon Himself

After exchanging letters for several times, my beloved spiritual master, Srila A. C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada, has given me the instruction to preach in Singapore. Since then, for decades, one question was burning in my heart: How can I preach nicely? What should be our motivation when we preach? What is real preaching?

When I was going to meet Srila Bhakti Ballabh Tirtha Maharaj in Punjab, asking him this question was all that I had in mind. In the Math, devotees were discussing the latest events. The main sevak of Srila Maharaj had left his service, and some devotees were commenting on how that was good because he had done some wrong things.

When I entered his bhajan kutir, another devotee was asking Srila Gurudev why that sevak had left. He replied with genuine humility: "It is not his fault. I have done some wrong, that's why he left."

At that very moment, my question evaporated, before I could even ask. It was answered by this one act of Srila Gurudeva's per…

His Care for Even the Smallest Living Entities

This incident happened when Guruji was put up at Sri Haribaba Ashram in Hoshiyarpur, in a big room. One day I went in to offer him pranams, then he told me that there are many ants in the room and so he could not sleep at all. I found that there were not 2-4 or 10, but thousands and thousands of ants forming various lines, as if going in a procession.

I got busy in sweeping the ants of Guruji’s bed and was wanting to sprinkle some DDT there. But Guruji objected to it straight away and said by use of DDT they will all die, we should not kill them, we have to just chase them away. Finally I ended up sprinkling some turmeric after clearing off ants from Guruji’s bed. Guru Maharaj does not like to harm even the smallest of the small living entities.

—Translated from Sri Krishna Chaitanya Sandesh July-Oct, 1997 (Year 17, Issue No.4, Page 27-39) Sri Krishnananda Dasadhikari (Kuldeep Chopra, Bhatinda)

He Surrendered Himself Completely

He was always hearing Harikatha of Gurudev with great interest, very deeply. He always used to perform kirtan of srauta vani. Whatever he had heard from Gurudev, he always used to repeat that in Harikatha. In general talks, there was nothing else he used to speak. The only thing he used to repeat was whatever he has heard from Gurudev and that's why many of his god brothers they used to call him Gurudev’s tape recorder. Repeating whatever he heard from Gurudev is one of his very special qualities.

He was very shy to speak Harikatha. Once Yayavar Maharaj in a Dharma Sabha ordered Tirtha Maharaj to speak Harikatha and said "that now he will speak". There is a specialty I have seen in Guruvargas that those who want to speak they don't give them the chance and give chances to those who don't want to speak so he would only speak by the order of Guruvargas. He was very grave, always hearing Harikatha attentively, and serving the Vaishnavas.

The pure devotees acqui…

He Smiled and Said, "We Should Always Think of Supreme Lord, Isn't It?"

For the last two days, I was thinking with regret to Gurudev that I'm too much attached to my mind (thinking about this or that, speculation, imagination ... even imagination about Krishna etc.) and instead my mind should go to Krishna and what should I do?

Today after He watered Tulsi He all-knowingly and smilingly looked at me and said : "How are you? Any difficulty?" I also smiled and only indicated by gesturing with my fingers that I had some little difficulty. Gurudev smiled and said, "You should always think of Supreme Lord. He will rescue us, isn't it?

jalaja nava laksani sthavara laksa vimsati
krmayo rudra-sankhyakah paksinam dasa laksanam
trimsal laksani pasavah catur laksani manusah

(There are 900,000 kinds of aquatics, 2,000,000 kinds of trees and plants, 1,100,000 kinds of insects and reptiles, 1,000,000 kinds of birds, 3,000,000 kinds of four-legged beasts, and 400,000 kinds of human species)

Human birth is small in number and we can worship Supreme Lord…

His Anger Only Comes in Service to Sri Guru

Maharaj has a very, very strong dedication to Guru within him. There are many instances of this when we were making efforts for the recovery of Sri Prabhupada's birth place. Many tenants were there and some of them had developed enmity towards us. Sometimes they used to trouble us very much by making fun of us and by eating fish and throwing bits of fish into our rooms.

One time Guru Maharaj (Srila Bhakti Dayita Madhava Goswami Maharaj) had come to Puri. We all were coming from somewhere to the place where our Math now stands. One tenant, even though fully aware that we do not eat onions, with the intention to make fun of us, came in front of Guru Maharaj with a plate full of onion fries and expressing artificial humility said, “Maharaj ji, I am very poor, I cannot serve you properly, please mercifully accept these few fries I have brought for you.”

Guruji glanced at the plate he was holding in hand and hearing his words, answered smilingly, “You know very well that we do n…

He Tolerates Our Offenses and Immerses Himself in Kirtan

Once Srila Guru Maharaj addressed one brahmachari by name and asked him to sing a particular kirtan, but surprisingly that brahmachari sat quietly without doing what he asked. So I thought he did not hear Guruji’s instructions.I took his name and told him, “Prabhuji Guru Maharaj is asking you to sing this particular kirtan.”
He murmured in anger that Maharaj does not think which kirtan to be sung in which place.He started a kirtan of his own choice.Then I told him, “Prabhuji, Maharaj has asked you to sing this particular kirtan.”Then in great anger he said take this mike and you sing the kirtan.I was dumb-struck and did not know what to do.

After some time, the same kirtan which he had not started, he sang.Srila Guru Maharaj, in spite of seeing the whole happening, acted as though he did not hear or see anything and as if nothing has happened. He got immersed in singing the kirtan.It came to my mind that what can be a better example of Srila Guru Maharaj’s tolerance than this incidence?

He Rushes For The Opportunity To Greet Sri Guruvarga

Once during Janmashtami I was in Kolkata. Like every year Param Pujyapad Bhakti Kumud Sant Goswami Maharaj came to our math during the festival for prasad and for speaking Harikatha. Climbing the first flight of steps, he sat on the cot next to Param Pujyapad Trivikram Maharaj in his room adjacent to the office room. Pujyapad Janardhan Maharaj indicated to me to inform Guru Maharaj about his arrival.

I ran and found Guru Maharaj in his room sitting on a chair and busy in his writing. When I whispered to him, he immediately got up leaving aside whatever he was doing and he told me, “If I do not haste now Srila Sant Maharaj will arrive here right away. I have to go to him.” With quick steps he climbed down the stairs and proceeded to Srila Sant Maharaj’s room. Guruji did shastanga dandavat pranams (prostrated obeisance) to him and stood with folded hands and in humble words spoke to him.

He did not sit before him, he remained standing giving due respects to him. When Pujyapad…

His Prayers on a Train Attacked By Dacoits

It is very clear by observing Guru Maharaj's activities that he has a great longing for helping to  deliver the lost souls. Not just this, but also taking care of all responsibilities of the math, his careful and timely replies to all the devotee's letters, and writing articles for the Bangla Monthly magazine Sri Chaitanya Vani. Aside from that, his preaching programs took on high levels of sacrifice—in Punjab and other places, he was speaking Harikatha up to seven times in a day! What can all this be other than tolerance of his which is one of its kind.

Srila Guru Maharaj had taken me along with his preaching party to Assam and we were returning by Kamarupa Express to Kolkata. While nearing Bangla-Assam border, I heard from Sri Ananta Prabhu an instance of the previous year and was astonished. He said that this Assam-Bangla border is a deserted area and is very dangerous.

He added that if a train does not arrive at its scheduled time, dacoits enter in the trains and rob the…

He Considers Himself the Recipient of Darshan

When our mother was on the last stages of her life, doctors at Ludhiana had asked us to give up hope. We thought that now that Guruji is in Ludhiana, it is good if we take her for his darshan. We took her in the van to the temple. When we went up and spoke to Guru Maharaj about Mother he asked, “Can I get darshan of Mataji?”

We had brought our mother for Gurudev’s darshan but when Guruji spoke like this my head bowed down to his lotus feet seeing his humbleness. What more can be said about his compassion? He himself came down from the top floor to the ground floor to give darshan to Mataji. He chanted Narasimha mantra before her and gave tulasi leaf in her mouth and his blessings too. This way I saw Guruji’s boundless compassion and humility.

—Purushottam Das Sekhari, Ghanauli, Ropad (Punjab)

translated from Sri Krishna Chaitanya Sandesh, July-Oct, 1997

He Blesses Those Who Wait for More Service

After his North American tour, Guruji returned to Delhi on the 16th of July. There was a grand welcome for him in a spacious well-decorated assembly. Delhi’s respectable personalities were invited amongst whom was Sri Satish Chandra Khandelwal MLA Delhi and respectable Sri Ramamurthi Chief Justice of High Court, Delhi. On the 23rd of July Guruji left New Delhi for Kolkata.

Many devotees went to the Airport to see him off.  I also went. All devotees bade farewell to Guruji by Nama Sankirtan and then Guruji and one of his sevaks entered into the Entry gate. The flight was at 7 o’clock and Guruji entered at 6:10. By 6:30 half of the devotees left for math by their vehicles and half of the devotees remained there in case any service is needed before the flight takes off.

Suddenly around 6:40,  I saw Guruji standing at the entry gate of the Airport and looking at us with affectionate eyes and with a smiling face. We all ran and did pranams to him. Guruji was looking at us, blessing us by …

His Lifesaving Harikatha

Suchitara told that she was once in the math with her mother. That time her exams were also going on. Guruji asked her if she would sit for Harikatha before he was about to start speaking. She replied telling him she needed to go home to study for her exam. Again, Guruji said, "You should sit for katha." 
So, then she and her mother both sat then. When they reached home, they saw that the neighbor's cylinder had exploded in a location that was attached to their own kitchen. They knew immediately that Guruji had been aware of this incident when he repeated for them to stay. They could understand that Guruji must have known and stopped them as a way of protecting them from injury.

—Sakshi Ratna sent this post on behalf of Suchitara Sengupta

His Divine Plans for Our Greatest Welfare

In 2010, when I joined in the personal service of Srila Gurudev, I had come with a predetermined intention to stay only for a period of 6-8 months only. I faced challenges and failed to understand that those circumstances are meant for my own purification. Therefore, I felt unsettled and I was not able to do my basic devotional activities properly. My determination to leave the math and the services of Srila Gurudev was only increasing, and the process only seemed to speed up.

I had given an interview at a few universities for a faculty position while lying to Srila Gurudev and other sevaks that I am going to my native place. I was so much blinded by my intense desire to leave the Math that I did not consider this act as a severe offense to Srila Gurudev. I was depriving myself of the true mercy, and ultimately the highest welfare. I knew it, but I had no strength to overcome my conditioned thinking.

When I conveyed my heart to Sri Bhaktiranjan Prabhu (disciple of Srila Bhagavat Mahar…

Accepting His Grace

In reality, separation grief is felt only by those who had experienced union. First comes union and then comes separation grief—they are related subjects. One who has no relation, what can he understood or experienced in separation?

Second point is; I do not like the idea of glorification of Gurudev because what can we speak? Like a child speaks about his mother, or uncle's home, a disciple or a follower will speak. Whatever we speak will be wrong only, because our foundation is wrong. Our position is like that of a tiny fish which is trying to cross over the ocean and how much ever it tries it cannot reach the other end of the ocean.

Scriptures say like a little bird cannot know the limit of the sky under any circumstances by any amount of its efforts, so it is said about Guru and the Supreme Lord. But one formula comes, there is no need for us to go far, in our short life we have no qualification to know Bhagavan or Bhagavat Bhakta, one who has humility in him he can real…

He Knows Everything Before it Happens

So many devotees came to attend the 2012 appearance anniversary of Gurudev.  First, we came to Kolkata and Guru Mahārāj was here.  We offered prostrated obeisances to him.

Guru Mahārāj asked, “Why are you going today?

I told, "My tickets are booked, I have to go back."
So, then we took a taxi and went to the station.  After that, we heard an announcement that the train is delayed by one day and we would have to go the next day.  We came back to the maṭh.

Guru Mahārāj said, “You lost so much money, you had to go to the station and come back.  Shall I give you some money?”

We told, "Guru Maharaj, “Everything is yours.”
So many devotees came, and to each and every devotee, he told, "You take some money, you take some money."  He showed so much affection to each and everyone and knows everything before it even happens.
-Sharmaji, Delhi

His Expertise in Service to the Vaishnavas

One time we went for preaching in Assam. There was one disciple of Prabhupada, Madhavananada Vrajavasi, along with Krishnaballabh Brahmachari, myself, Narottam Das, and another one younger than us named Kanai Bramhachari.

We were in Sarbhog for preaching and there was heavy rain for five days and no sun was seen at all, so we were unable to go out. Krishnaballabh Brahmachari (later Srila Bhakti Ballabh Tirtha Maharaj) used to cook for the devotees over there. Everybody used to like his cooking. That day he cooked something delicious with potatoes only. It was raining heavily, so we could not go outside to purchase vegetables. There were only potatoes in the math.

He was expert, because the qualities of Vaishnavas is they are expert in anything and everything— whatever is related to the service of Vaishnavs. So he was expert in so many different ways to serve the lotus feet of Vaishnavas.

He was very grave in hearing Harikatha and speaking srauta vani and always engaged himself in se…